Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back when you wake up? Is your sleep interrupted in the middle of the night and then in the morning you aren’t well rested and fresh? This is quite common issue and the cause is something you would often forget about, your mattress. Thankfully this is something that is easily fixed and the solution is a good mattress topper for back pain.

Why A Mattress Topper

Unsure what is a mattress topper? Find out with our article.

The advantages of using a mattress topper over getting a new mattress is mainly in cost. Mattress topper will solve most issues people will have with their current mattress at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Choosing the best mattress topper for back pain can be quite overwhelming for people since there is an abundance of mattress toppers available to choose from. We took some of the most popular picks and wrote short reviews of them with their pros and cons so you can choose the one that fits your need perfectly.

Find out what is important to look for when buying for a mattress topper for back pain.

LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

best mattress topper for back pain

This 3 inch gel infused memory foam mattress topper is created to provide you back pain free sleeping experience. It’s not just suited for people with back pain problems but it will be a great for everyone that isn’t completely happy with their current mattress and sleep quality. Since it’s gel infused it’s designed to prevent overheating which makes it perfect if you live in area where it gets really hot during the year. The density of the topper isn’t that high and it feels quite soft when you lay on it allowing it to shape around your body and reduce the pressure on your back. There is also a 2 inch version which would be a bit more firmer so it might suit you more if you prefer that kind of feel from your mattress.

Our topper came with chemical smell when it was opened and it took few days for it completely disappear. There is also no cover for it included in the package so we recommend you get one with the topper since it will make it easier to clean and maintain in perfect standing for a long time. The warranty on the mattress topper is only 3 years which isn’t bad but is lower than other manufacturers give for their toppers.

offers a good comfort and back pain reliefunpleasant chemical smell when brand new
good support for whole bodyno cover included in package
designed with cooling in mindonly 3 year limited warranty
best buy

Some mattress toppers don’t come with a cover. Here is our mattress topper cover buying guide that will help you find one that fits your use.

LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Gel/Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

mattress topper for back pain

This mattress topper is 2 inches thick and is available in versions with Lavender and Gel infused material. The one we had for review was a Lavender version which came out of the box with a strong lavender smell that it kept for quite a while. We recommend you to air it out for first day since it can be really overwhelming at first. After a day it keeps the smell but it stops being overwhelming and it fills the whole room with a pleasing smell. The topper is quite plush especially for it’s thickness.

Usually the 2 inches toppers are a bit firmer than this and it feels similar to what a 3 inch topper would be. The main feature of this topper are 5 comfort zones that are designed in such way to eliminate common pressure points in the body to promote uninterrupted sleep and help with back pain. Unfortunately the topper isn’t as breathable as some of the other recommended ones so  if you live in an area where it becomes quite hot during the year this topper might not be for you. There also isn’t a cover that comes with the topper and manufacturer doesn’t have a special cover for it that you can buy. Warranty on it is only 3 years which is less than what some other manufacturers offer.

pleasant scent after being aired out
unpleasant smell when just opened
designed with eliminating pressure points in mind
no cover included
plush for its thicknessdoesn’t dissipate head as good as other toppers
good for back sleepersonly 3 year limited warranty

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Zinus 1.5 Inch Swirl Gel Memory Foam Air Flow Topper

Zinus 1.5 inch topper is a great choice for those who prefer firmer mattresses. It is perfect for warm areas with it’s egg carton pattern and cool gel memory foam which should keep the bed temperature down even during the hottest nights. As with most other mattress toppers we reviewed it had a bad smell for first few days and you will need to air it out before you put it on your bed.

The mattress topper doesn’t come with a cover so if you want to keep it in prestene condition it would be great idea to get one with it. The mattress topper comes with a worry free 5 year limited warranty which is really good and better than the previous two toppers we mentioned. Also it is the cheapest of the reviewed mattress toppers so if you are looking for something on a limited budget this might be the one for you.

cheapchemical smell when new
ideal for back sleepersno cover included
good heat dissipation
not as good as some other choices for relieving back pain

Do you need a mattress pad or topper?

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

This mattress topper from Sleep Innovations is one of the best mattress toppers we ever used. It is ideal for side sleepers being a 4 inch topper since it gives you enough depth to comfortably sink into the mattress. It is quite a lot plushier than other mattress toppers we reviewed so if you prefer firm beds this might not be a topper for you.

Surprisingly compared to other plush toppers which tend to be really bad in hot environments this one didn’t hold the heat quite as much but it is also not as cool as some other thinner and firmer toppers which are designed with cooling in mind. We did need to air it out for a day since it had a faint chemical smell when we opened it up. This topper comes with a cover which is great since it saves the topper from moving around in bed and it makes the topper really easy to clean and keep in good condition for years to come. The topper also comes with 10 year limited warranty which is way above what other manufacturers give. Unfortunately there is a price to pay for everything you get out of this topper and it’s one of the more expensive ones we reviewed so far.

really good at reliving back pressureprice
plush, so it’s ideal for side sleepersmight be too plush for some
comes with a covernot as good as thinner toppers if you are in warm environment
10 year warranty

ViscoSoft 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft memory foam mattress topper is the best mattress topper for back pain we ever used and it became permanent feature on our bed. Being 3 inches it is perfect balance of firmness and plushness and it can fit both back and side sleepers. It was made with cooling in mind with it being made out of gel-infused memory foam and it’s really easy to sleep on it in warm environments.

While the design of the foam doesn’t look fancy from the outside like some other toppers we reviewed it certainly felt the best to sleep on out of all of them and is certainly the best mattress topper for back pain we used. Like all other toppers we reviewed it needed a day or two to air the chemical smell out but after it had no unpleasing smells. The topper comes with a great cover which has a mesh bottom and a strap which will prevent it from sliding around on your mattress and it’s also great for easy cleaning of the topper.

Unfortunately it only has a 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects. In case you don’t enjoy the feel of the topper the manufacturer gives a full refund within the 60 days after the purchase which shows how confident they are in their product. The price also matches the quality of the product and it’s one of the more expensive mattress toppers we tried.

best mattress topper for back pain out of all we triedprice
good during hot nightsonly 3 year limited warranty
high quality cover included with the mattress topper
chemical smell when new


Mattress Topper is a special type of mattress pad designed to refresh your bed without buying and spending a ton of money for a new mattress. Most of them are designed to help with back pain and help you prevent future back problems.

Mattress Pad Or Topper

mattress pad or topper

Often times our mattress is not good as we would want it to be, so we might consider adding some mattress accessory to upgrade it and make it perfect for our preferences. Most known accessories we consider are mattress pads and mattress toppers. Those are similar but very different things and in this article you can find out what’s the difference between the two.

What’s The Reason For Upgrading Your Mattress?

Sleeping on great, highest quality mattress is very important today. It is needed to have good rest, regain energy and avoid major problems like neck, back or hip pain. Lots of people are already sleeping on mattress that’s too hard or too soft and gives them issues I stated earlier.

Why don’t they just buy new mattress?

Well it’s not that easy. Mattresses can get really expensive today, so most people are avoiding buying new mattress. But there are cheaper solutions for that problem. Many people consider buying mattress pads and mattress toppers to change the sleeping experience. Having firm mattress pad or topper can change whole feeling and it can be great way you can provide yourself a good night sleep.

Mattress Pad

There are some differences between mattress pads and mattress toppers which we’ll outline here. While speaking about mattress pads we are talking about those thin layers of padding which we put on top of the mattress. They often come with elastic straps to connect them directly to the mattress or the bed. While attached it fits like sheets and won’t shift at all while we sleep on it. Also it can be used to cover mattress and protect it from physical damages or stains. Mattress pads are rarely made of foam and most used material are cotton or fibrous padding.

Mattress Pad Categories

There are multiple categories of mattress pads from which we might choose our perfect pad.

We can outline 4 most important categories you might be interested in:

  • Heated mattress pads
  • Cooling mattress pads
  • Fitted mattress pads
  • Anchor mattress pads

Heated mattress pads have specific features which enables them to provide extra heating so it warms the bed and the person lying on it. It is perfect consideration if you are always cold and like to sleep in a warm bed. Great for countries with extreme cold weather and low temperatures while it is not recommended for people living in warm tropical countries.

Cooling mattress pads are complete opposite of heated mattress pads. They might use fan or liquid cooling system which can provide you with extreme cool feeling while lying on bed. Cooling pads are perfect for someone who is always hot and might be looking for mattress which doesn’t heat up that easily. Although they provide great cooling effect they are often very expensive. If you choose to buy one of these, you should wait for seasonal discounts.

Fitted mattress pads are pads that have elastic band wraps on the borders that can be wrapped around the edge of the mattress. These are usually most famous of all the mattress pads and people mainly buy fitted mattress pads. Main advantage is it can increase the lifespan of your mattress so it’s a good long term investment.

Anchor mattress pads are great opportunity for those who want to have tight and secure fit on the mattress. They are equipped with four band wraps around the edges and they make sure to provide you with good night sleep without the possibility of the pad to pulling out.

Advantages of  using a mattress pad

There are numerous advantages of using mattress pads. They provide multiple benefits to your mattress, your health and your sleep. Most important benefits are outlined below:

  • Usually they are very cheap and everyone can have them
  • You can remove them any time, wash them and have a nice and clean mattress pad on which you will sleep on
  • It is very easy to transport mattress pads, move them or attach to another mattress. Great for traveling (while renting accommodation on Airbnb) when you sleep in unknown people beds.
  • They provide very comfortable feel and support to the mattress, for a low price. You get lot of value for small amounts of money.
  • Once they are attached to the mattress they are extremely stable and are very unlikely to move around. Reason behind this is they use bands which clings them tight to the mattress.
  • They are perfect way to protect your mattress from filth, stains, moisture and other types of defilement. Generally, their primary use is protection from filth.
  • Mattress pads can cut down noise that mattress is producing and can help you coping with unwanted mattress features.

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Disadvantages of using a mattress pad

We outlined lots of benefits of using a mattress pad. Even though there are lots of advantages, there are very low number of disadvantages of using mattress pad. We have outlined for you most important disadvantages of using mattress pad:

  • Mattress pads are thin and can be easily damaged.
  • Quality of mattress pad often depends on the type and you are using. If you are looking for long term solution you might consider some more expensive versions of mattress pads, but then you know you can expect high quality product.
  • Even though mattress pads are an upgrade to your mattress (they provide better feeling and more comfort), they don’t provide any support which is something lots of people might consider important thing in mattress upgrade. That’s why most people don’t feel almost any difference while using a mattress pad.

Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is slightly different thing than mattress pad. Mattress topper are thinner and smaller versions of your mattress. They have a layer of smooth cushions for extra support and better sleep. Mattress topper is laid on top of your mattress and it’s main purpose is to support your body, back, neck and hips . Also it provides different feel than lying just on mattress. Mattress toppers usually consists of foam, which provide extra support, firmness and better experience while lying in your bed. If you have a mattress on which you can’t get good sleep and you often wake up with back or neck pain, mattress topper is definitely product which you might consider as an upgrade to your mattress.

Categories Of Mattress Topper

There are two main types of mattress toppers. They can be made of memory foam or latex foam. Also we have three additional (less used) types mattress toppers made of feather, wool or different types of fibers.

Mattress topper made of memory foam provides great quality in terms of body adaptability and durability. With memory foam topper you know that you get additional support, cushier comfort and better good night sleep. Memory foam toppers are great if you have a mattress that’s too soft, or too hard because foam can provide you with extra level of comfort and great thing is that it’s relatively affordable for everyone. It should definitely be considered if you’re not satisfied with your mattress.

Mattress topper made of latex foam are great for people who like to sleep on firmer and harder beds. Latex foam provides additional level of firmness and is often bought as an upgrade to old and soft mattresses that lost their purpose. Also, it is notable to say that latex foam creates a slow bounce effect on your bed but nothing that would be considered as a bad quality to most people. In comparison to memory foam toppers, latex foam toppers are a bit pricier which means you have to pay a little bit more for extra quality.

Feather mattress toppers enjoy great popularity because of their significant softness. They are sometimes also called feather beds. They are known for their coolness and great number of people have outlined they are very good for love making. Feather toppers are made of two main parts: external part made of feathers, which provide support, and internal part which are very light and soft. While buying feather toppers you might come across percentage of feathers listed as important aspect of the product specifications. Usually higher percentage indicates that topper will be softer, while lower percentages can indicate that topper might be firmer.

Wool mattress toppers are used when you are looking for extra softness in your bed. If your main quality that you are looking for is softness, than you should definitely buy wool topper because no other topper can challenge it’s power in terms of softness. Softness isn’t only thing that wool toppers offer. They can provide you with temperature neutrality. While it’s hot outside it will keep you cooler and when it’s cold outside it will keep you warm. Wool is very breathable material and keeps away the sweat during hot times. It is extremely durable and very advisable topper to buy. It is considered to be in the higher price ranges of mattress toppers.

Fiber mattress toppers can be made wide different kind of materials. Often they are produced with polyester or alternative fibers. Main purpose of these materials is to mimic softness of other types of mattress toppers. We can consider fiber toppers as artificially created toppers and it’s quality hugely depends on the price. You should always consider higher priced fiber toppers because they have hypoallergenic characteristics and they won’t cause any symptoms and diseases for people prone to allergies. In comparison to other mattress toppers they generally cost much less but, as said earlier, you should consider buying higher priced fiber toppers because of it’s health aspects.

Advantages Of Using Mattress Topper

There are numerous advantages and benefits of using mattress topper which we’ll outline down below:

  • Mattress topper ensures that your mattress stays protected from sags and stains. Also topper can prolong your mattress lifespan.
  • Mattress topper can provide you with additional dose of comfort which you can customize according to your preferences. It ensures that you don’t need to change your whole mattress.
  • Mattress topper offers extra support to your back and neck. It protects you from possible bone or muscle issues and aches without the need of making expensive mattress changes.

Disadvantages Of Using Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are not all great. They have multiple disadvantages of using mattress topper. Here we will outline some of them:

  • In comparison to mattress pads, toppers are very difficult to wash and clean.
  • Toppers with foam almost always heat up the bed by gathering and keeping your body heat. Foam toppers are not recommended to people who like to sleep in nice and cold bed.
  • Even though they are cheap alternative to buying a new mattress, toppers can get really expensive. Price of most expensive toppers can climb up to couple hundred dollars.
  • Sometimes they can be bulky and very difficult to handle. They might not provide the flexibility you might be looking for.
  • Because of their size they are not attached to the mattress or bed. That means that they will often detach itself and move around a lot.
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Mattress pads and mattress toppers are essentially two different things, every with it’s own characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. They are made for two completely different functions.

Mattress pads primary function if to provide protection (from stains or damages) to the mattress. Using mattress pads won’t give you significant improvements in terms of feel and comfort. They are great for people on low budget who aren’t looking for extra comfort but are just trying to protect the mattress and prolong it’s lifespan. Almost always they come with band on the edges that attaches the pad directly to the mattress. That way it gets stability and you can avoid unnecessary moving around. You can always take it off, wash it, clean it, transport it and attach to any bed, so it provides you with great flexibility.

On the other hand, mattress toppers are made for people who are looking for significant improvement in terms of mattress support and feel. It is an upgrade to your mattress, it improves it’s main functions without the need of going out and buying completely new mattress. There is very large number of options when considering buying topper. They can be customized according to your own preferences in terms of comfort or medical conditions. They are made of cushions and can get pretty bulky. That’s why they provide great protection to your mattress and can prolong it’s lifespan, but they are difficult to wash, clean and transport. Also they don’t have bands so they can’t be attached to the mattress or the bed. That means that you can expect instability and lots of moving around.

The Best Ways to Get the Urine Smell Out of a Mattress

The Best Ways to Get the Urine Smell Out of a Mattress

While getting the urine smell out of a mattress might not be easy, luckily it can be done. Here are a few things you can do to remove the smell of urine out of a mattress.

Try Baking Soda

Baking Soda is not just for refrigerators anymore. If the spot is already dry, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for a few hours – then vacuum away.

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Use Vinegar

White Vinegar is another natural way to get rid of odors. Mix a batch of hot water and white vinegar together and pour the mixture on the spot on the mattress. If you are able to move the mattress – it is best to put it outside in the sun to dry for a few hours. If not, simply plug in a fan and direct to the wet area until it is dry.

Experiencing back pain? Find the best mattress topper for you.

Spray on Febreeze

If the smell is slight, a few spritzes of Febreeze might be all you need. Simply spray a fairly generous amount of Febreeze over area and give it time to dry before putting sheets back on.

Use Fabric Softener Sheets

This is another solution if the smell is just slight. Simply put 4 or 5 fabric softener sheets over the mattress but underneath the sheets. The body heat of the person sleeping on it will activate the sheets and help the new fragrance to sink into the mattress. Another benefit is it smells nice while it is working.

Get a mattress pad to keep your mattress clean.

Apply Diluted Bleach

Bleach is another good product that will not only help to get rid of the urine smell, but will also help clean any yellow stains that might have been left behind. Simply dilute some bleach with warm water, put in spray bottle and squirt the stain. Wait for it to dry and check the smell. If it is still there, try again. It might be necessary to do this 2 or 3 times, but it is an easy and cost effective way to deal with the problem.

Get a cover to keep your mattress clean.

Buy a Professional Enzyme Cleaner

Luckily there are a few products on the market that are specifically made to get out urine odor. Nature’s Miracle is one of the most popular and said to work on just about any urine smell no matter how strong. Most pet shops carry this item or you can order online at

Kids ‘N’ Pets is another cleaning solution that is supposed to be effective as is a product offered by Stanley Home Products call Baby Stinky Odor Away!

If you find the urine odor in your mattress is particularly strong, any one of these products should do the trick.

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How To Maintain a Clean Mattress

How to keep mattress clean

Approximately one third of our lives are spent in the state of sleep. This being the case, it is a good idea to have a place to sleep that is clean, comfortable and good for your back at the same time. Thus, the mattress that you choose and use should be of good quality and kept clean and free of odors.
This can be achieved by first choosing a mattress that is a combination of comfortable firmness and softness at the same time. In order to keep dirt and allergens away from your body while you sleep it is essential to keep your mattress clean underneath where your body lies for so many hours of your life.

Find the best mattress topper if you are experiencing back pain.

Maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your mattress at all times by doing the following:

To give your mattress a clean and fresh smell, I like to place dryer sheets on top of the mattress and underneath the bed sheets. This gives the bed a laundry fresh scent all of the time, which lasts for days on end. As a matter of fact it should last until you change your sheets the next time. When you change the sheets, simply set a new dryer sheet under the bed sheets once again. Be sure to sample different varieties of dryer sheets in order to find one that you really like a lot and will enjoy the smell of on a regular basis. There are many to choose from on the market today, and I like to switch from time to time from one of my favorite scents to another.

It is difficult to find a mattress in which you can avoid getting dirty and malodorous for the long term, so my family uses the air mattress sleep number variety of beds. It is really nice because not only can you pick the amount of firmness that your body does the best to sleep with and what works best for your back to keep it from hurting throughout the day, but it also is a whole lot easier to keep clean! These mattresses are made from a rubber material and covered with a zip on cover. The zip on cover is removable and washable in a washing machine! It really makes a difference with keeping it clean. This kind of bed is less likely to pick up things such as dust mites and other airborne allergens and bacteria because of the ease of cleaning it on a regular basis.

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If you do not want to use an air mattress, another alternative is a water bed. These too are made out of an easily washable material; the plastic that is the actual mattress is very easily washed down with a little bit of mild cleaning fluid and then covered with a pad and then the sheets.

Okay, so you may be the kind of person who prefers a good old fashioned spring mattress. In this case, I suggest using a mattress cover and washing it on a weekly basis along with your bed sheets and blankets. For the purpose of good health, always buy a mattress that is brand new and never one that is used!

Whatever type of bed you prefer it is smart to keep your bedding clean so your body will not pick up anything while you are asleep that you would rather avoid.

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If you smoke cigarettes then it is good practice to never smoke in the same room as your bed. If you do, the smoke will settle into the fibers of your mattress and then onto your body as you rest on it.

Cleaning your mattress is a good way to live a healthier life. Sleep well!

Keep your mattress clean by buying a mattress cover!

Mattress Topper Cover Buyer’s Guide

mattress topper cover

It has always been an exciting feeling upon knowing that you get to have a good sleep after having a long day. It is when all you have to think about is having a bunch of pillow and good mattresses to sleep on. However, it will result to other way if you just recently found out that your bed’s mattress and or mattress topper is already damaged within which it can only cause you back pain, stress and ache if you will pursue your desired rest through that damaged bed.

Now, if are confused on what to do with your existing bed then you must check on the real score of how damaged was your bed, whether or not you will be needing a new mattress topper only or a brand new bed? Do you know the factors that you need to consider before purchasing if any? Do you know that there are ways for you to properly identify best mattress topper in the market? If you are unsure with your answers, then you do not have to worry because we will be providing you what exactly you need.

Generally, mattress toppers were come in different materials, sizes and thickness. In fact, if you want to have the best and the perfect mattress topper in the country all you need to do is identify your sleeping position and sleeping habits. As all we know, finding the best mattress topper will always depend on your personal taste and preferences.

Do you also need a mattress topper? We found some of the best ones for you

How To Find The Perfect Mattress Topper Cover For You?

Mattress topper is a removable layer attached on top of your mattress which is designed to mitigate any unwanted body pain and muscle spasm.  These are primarily utilized for extra ordinary comfort and adjustable firmness on its sleeping surface and they also serve to alleviate pain, stress, and pressure, and have a cooling gel which can make your bed even more desirable.

In addition, it is typically difficult to top your mattress topper primarily to relieve those back pains that you are experiencing and to extend the life span of your existing mattress. So even if you are using a mattress that has been used over the years it can still be strengthen its life span through the existence of mattress topper; basically, mattress topper is cost-effective apart from its comfort and support.

It is a fact; people tend to choose mattress topper that can give either comfort or support. So, you have to choose mattress topper that offers a cushioning comfort that can provide you a relief for you back pains or simply look for a mattress topper that can give you the enough support you need. Thus, the materials that are used in making the mattress topper can bring an enormous impact regarding the firmness and support of your mattress topper.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Mattress Topper Cover

If you already come to a point of wanting to have a mattress topper, you should be keen and vigilant as to the details of the product. So, we have provided some factors for you to consider and be guided:

  • Firmness of the Mattress

If your existing mattress is too firm and you want to have a comfortable and soothing rest, then you must put a mattress topper on top of your mattress. Ideally, mattress topper can create a more comfortable sleeping experience with softer mattress to sleep on.

  • Sleeping habit

Generally, there are three sleeping position that a person may do, namely; side, back and stomach. You have to consider you sleeping habit first to correctly choose your mattress topper. Basically, the thickness of the mattress topper will depend on your sleeping position; the side positioning requires to have a thicker mattress topper since your shoulder has the tendency to sink and in order to avoid pain issues then a thicker mattress topper works best for this sleeping position; the back position only requires the medium to firm thickness and the stomach position only requires the minimum thickness.

  • RV bed

Ideally, those mattresses on an RV beds are not comfortable where it only offers a cheaper mattress models with super minimal support and comfort. Thus, if you want to have a satisfying sleeping experience through your RV bed, a thicker mattress topper is what you need.

  • Staying at different places

Typically, mattress toppers are ideal and perfect for those beds that are intended for guest, sofas and some other sleep surfaces that were primarily reserved for visitors.

  • Comfort preferences

As we have made mentioned, your mattress topper will depend on your personal need and preference. Thus, before you purchase your chosen mattress topper make sure to keenly observe the above mentioned considerations.

In addition, as you try to look and purchase mattress topper always reconsider the following list:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Firmness
  • Durability
  • Allergy Potential
  • Motion Isolation

These things can also help you to choose the right mattress topper that suits for your sleeping needs.

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Why Should I Choose The Mattress Topper?

If you are looking for an item that can help you better and strengthen your sleeping experience, then it is time for you to invest for a mattress topper that will surely bring you extra happiness and comfort.


With the vital information that we have showed you, we hope that you have a better understanding and knowledge about the mattress topper; and can help you properly choose the best mattress topper that can perfectly satisfy your sleeping experience. In addition, with the list of considerations mentioned above it will also work best if you that you will have read the reviews of the product that you have chosen.

Basically, if a product has good reviews then it is an indicator that the product and brand is of good quality and condition. Hence, always to take into account the entire value of the product that you have chosen before you decide to purchase it. And remember, always choose what you think works best for what you need.

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Hard Mattress Buyer’s Guide

hard mattress

As human as we are, people always have something to say may it be for personal reasons or not. Some would think that it is rude to say something to someone who does not even ask for your approval. But if the comments and or opinions are in relation to your issues on your mattresses at home, then it is time for you to open your ears and eyes to effectively choose the right mattress that can possibly answer all your needs.

If you are looking for alternatives and suggestions on what to do with your existing mattress, then you are on the right site because we will be providing you vital factors to consider whether or not you will need new mattress; and to properly guide you through the correct way of choosing the perfect mattress to sleep on. Take some time to read on the information that we have in store for you.

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What Is A Mattress?

A mattress is a rectangular and large pad that is intended to support a reclining body within which it is normally used as a bed or bed frame. Ideally, mattresses are actually placed in top of a bed base; where each mattress is consisting of a case that is usually in cloth that contains materials, namely; cotton, foam, rubber, straw and some metals springs.

As we all know, a good mattress can create a good impact and can be the foundation of one’s good sleep so choosing the right and best mattress will surely be difficult to do; and getting the good quality of mattresses is an important to one’s health and well-being. Nowadays, there are several mattresses that are already out in the market which can even worsen on how to effectively choose the right mattress for you. To add, one of the most difficult decisions to make is whether or not selecting a firm or soft mattress.

What Makes A Suitable Mattress?

It is already a fact that choosing the right mattress will always matter on person’s personal choice and preference but the main factor of choosing the right mattress is actually for your spine health. Generally, our spine has a slight curve that needs to be supported even if you are positioned horizontally. 

A perfect mattress has the capacity to hold your body in a neutral position which means that your spine is held by its curve, head, shoulders, buttocks and heels are aligned; also it will feel like you are floating since there will be no pressure at all. Through the years and time of using it, the right mattress can actually help your muscles relax; better sleep and can improve your posture. Thus, if so happened that you have chosen the wrong mattress it can cause trouble such as back pain.

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What Does A Firm Mattress Offer?

Generally, those who are suffering from back pain – a firm and or hard mattress is what you need because it can help your sleeping experience to be comfortable. Through firm mattress, your bones tend to absorb more pressure which means that your muscle not experiencing stress as well as with your veins. Thus, your muscles are mitigated to be strained and improve your circulation.

 In addition, it can keep your lower back from collapsing which will normally allow the oxygen to get in your body while you are sleeping. Hence, a firma and or hard mattress are highly recommended to be used by those people who sleep in their back because it can provide a stable and even surface.

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When Should I Buy Hard Mattress?

Typically, buying a new mattress is associated to whether or not you need to buy a new car. Your existing mattress may actually appear good in the outside without knowing that it has hidden defect in the inside. Now, if you are not sure to whether or not buy a new mattress then you should take a moment to observe and consider the signs, see below list for your reference:

  • Obvious sagging
  • Your mattress has changed its texture and style as compared than what it used to
  • It has developments of impressions
  • You wake up from bed with pains and aches in your body
  • There are uncomfortable lumps developed
  • You have difficulty upon finding your sleeping position
  • Symptoms of allergy gradually increases

So if these signs your observations to your existing mattress then it must be the time for you to slowly look on brand that can offer you the best mattress to choose from.

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How To Choose The Right Mattress?

Generally, the main factors to consider upon choosing the right mattress is when you are currently suffering from back pains and which sleeping position can give you favor. Commonly, those people who are not suffering any back pain and who can sleep either on back or stomach position are likely need to have a firmer mattress; and those people who tend to sleep in side positions and or back pains may prefer a softer one.

In addition, your body weight also plays a vital role upon choosing the right mattress. As we all know, the heavier the person is – the more firm mattress is suited for them. On the last note, never take for granted your personal preference upon choosing your mattress because in matter how detailed and keen you are yet you are still uncomfortable then it will not help you acquire a good sleep. 

Hence, it is important to properly test those chosen mattresses you for you to be fully aware on the benefits it can offer. Also, you may read reviews of your chosen brand’s customer feedback; this will serve as an indicator whether or not it has a good quality product.

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  • There are several factors that you may consider before purchasing your desired mattress
  • Always and never neglect on your personal preferences
  • It wise to consider your body weight and sleeping position
  • Do not compromise your health by simply choosing the suggested mattress yet you are still uncomfortable with the mattress itself.

Mattress For Hip Pain

mattress for hip pain

When we suffer from hip pain it is very difficult to sleep. In today’s post, we are going to recommend the best mattresses to have a proper rest with this ailment and be able to face a better day today.

Hip pain is a condition that is usually associated with advanced age. However, there are many medical conditions or related to the quality of life, such as a bad mattress, which can lead to discomfort in that part of the body. But what type of mattress is best to avoid that discomfort? The first thing to keep in mind is that a proper medical treatment and a quality mattress can help to improve the discomfort, so if you want to know what type of mattress is best for hip pain keep reading so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Like any pain, hip pain is very annoying, its sense prevents us from falling asleep and sleeping comfortably and pleasantly. To improve this quality of sleep and get to sleep with the minimum pain, we can acquire mattresses suitable for this ailment.

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What Causes Hip Pain?

That said, some of the most common causes of hip pain may be related to:

Bursistis: our joints are surrounded by structures called bursas that reduce the friction generated by movement or rotation. Bursas of the hips tend to swell causing pain.

Osteoarthritis: is the wear of the cartilages that surround the joints. In the case of the hip, this wear causes it to rub directly with the head of the femur and this causes pain.

Fractures: a fall or the execution of certain movements in a continuous manner can cause a fissure or fracture in this area of the body.

Tendinitis: is the inflammation of the tendons that connect the bones with the muscles. In the case of the hip, it is called psoa iliaca tendonitis and usually occurs in dancers, gymnasts or heavy load workers.

Arthritis: inflammation of the sciatic nerve and hernias can also cause hip pain among other pathologies. And in any of these cases a mattress expired, damaged or simply not designed to generate relief to that area of the body can worsen the situation, hence the importance of choosing the best mattress for hip pain.

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Avoid Hip Pain with The Right Mattress

To know what type of mattress is best to alleviate this ailment should be fixed in the firmness of it. A very soft or very hard mattress can be counterproductive and worsen the cause of the discomfort. The hip is one of the heaviest areas of the body, so a very soft mattress will cause that area to sink and if it is very firm the curvature of the body is affected by the stiffness of the mattress leaving the spine in the air.

In both cases it is harming not only the health, but the quality of the rest so the ideal is that it is of intermediate firmness. Getting a good night’s rest on a comfortable mattress may do wonders for the chronic hip pain that you may be facing.

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Viscoelastic Mattresses

With regard to materials, viscoelastic mattresses are the most appropriate. In the first place, they respect the natural curvature of the body, and then there is its capacity to recover its original shape without deforming. A viscoelastic mattress with a minimum of 15 centimeters thick is a good choice to combat the discomfort of hip pains. And if it is an elderly person who needs permanent rest, a geriatric mattress with viscoelastic and HR foam can give you the support and rest you need.

Another reason to use a viscoelastic mattress for hip pain is that there are medical conditions that require the person to sleep or rest in a certain position, which is why an articulated mattress is required. And viscoelastic mattresses are best suited for that type of box springs. There are of course other types of mattresses and factors to consider as well.

Get a Mattress That Doesn’t Exert Too Much Pressure

The best mattresses are those that do not exert pressure points . The pressure will sharpen the pain and we will not be comfortable in bed. We must rest on mattresses that have a great adaptability.

Other Types Of Hip Pain Mattress

The best mattresses for hip pain are foamed mattresses, latex mattresses or viscoelastic cushions larger than 2 cm. This type of mattress accommodates the body of the sleeper without exerting pressure. Spring mattresses and pocket springs usually have a high firmness, so they do not adapt as much as the previous ones to the body of the sleeper. Try to get one kind of mattress that suits your preferences.

Get A Mattress Good For Blood Flow

Another important factor that mattresses should have to cope with this ailment is that they are mattresses that allow the free circulation of blood. If the blood circulates freely through our body, the organism functions correctly and distributes the nutrients that the organs, muscles, joints …. they need. If our body does not receive enough blood, it is easier to suffer disease and damage the tissues.

Articulated Mattresses Are The Best

Another point to keep in mind is the possibility that the mattresses are articulated. If our ailment forces us to spend a lot of time in bed, mattresses and mattresses allow us to take different positions both foot and headboard to be more comfortable. In addition to the articulated mattresses, we can easily raise the legs, a position that improves blood circulation.

To conclude, an interesting fact is that in some cases it is recommended to sleep on the side with a pillow between the knees to relieve hip pain. A viscoelastic pillow is the best option because it can return to its original shape despite being used in an unconventional way. So, now that you know what type of mattress is best for hip pain, do not give it more laps and buy yours now!

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Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Best mattress for back sleepers

Generally, there are three sleeping position that a person may choose as they sleep namely; side sleeping, stomach sleeping and back sleeping. It is a fact that people find it more comfortable sleeping in back position however there are still people who repeatedly toss and turn just for them to find their best sleeping position. But did you know that back sleeping can give a good condition of sleeping? What sleeping position do you personally prefer? Do you that there are mattresses that best used for back sleeper?

Most often than not, people find it comfortable stretching out in bed while watching television and or reading however it only has a small percentage out from a hundred. If you are a person who prefers to sleep in back position, then it is important for you to know both the pros and cons of such position and some factors that you can choose the best mattress that can enhance the support and comfort that you desire.

When you are sleeping in back position, our body tends to have its natural posture however this might be affected and turn to a problem if it is not properly supported by your mattress or bed. So, it is important that you will vividly check and choose the best mattresses for a person like you.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Mattresses For Back Sleepers

Technically, the mattress that is suited for a back sleeper will vary on the comfort level and the firmness of the mattress. To help you out, see below list for your guide:

  • Ample Support

This is intended for the support and alignment of your back. Back sleeping has natural effect of aligning the person’s spinal cord, neck and head. It is important that a mattress for back sleeper has a support system that can help you to prevent back issues in the long run.

  • Softness of the Mattress

As you sleep, it a general logic that your weight will be distributed all over your body which it can help to mitigate pressure points. So, it is important that you get to have a mattress that has enough softness that can arch with your lower back and can easily conform in your body.

  • Firmness

Back sleeper should consider on choosing s mattress in medium to medium-firm level of comfort.

  • Cooling Property

A cooling gel in a mattress will also help back sleeper to prevent getting sweat and warm when you wake up or get up from your bed.

  • Durability

As we all know, as you purchase a mattress it will cost you some penny. So, it is important that you will consider the durability of the item because this will also serve as your personal investment. If you want a mattress that has a good quality and can stand through time then refrain from those mattresses that has cheap component and will wear out quickly. As a popular saying goes “the higher the price the higher the quality”.

  • Pillow

When you purchase a new mattress then you should also consider your pillow. This pillow will also provide a support and comfort where back sleepers can benefit from.

  • Proven reviews

Make sure that you got to receive good reviews from other customer on the mattress that you chose. This will also serve as an indicator of the item’s performance.

Technically the best mattress for back sleeper would depend on the person’s preference and body weight.  But for us, those mattresses that have a firmness of medium to medium-firm level is of best choice. Generally, back sleeper would only want to have mattress that can provide a good support for body alignment and enough softness to moderate the natural alignment of spinal cord, neck and head.

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What Are The Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers?

There are several mattresses that are already available in the market claiming to be the best of the best. Below are the best mattresses that every back sleeper should have. See below list:

Foam Mattress

  • High density for foam layers both for support and comfort
  • The combination of foam layers that is used for support and comfort
  • Cooling gel for the prevention of heat tapping
  • Consistency to its support and medium firmness for back sleeper
  • Exemplary conformity and pressure points
  • Thickness of comfort layering to avoid immediate sagging


  • Good combination of coil and foam
  • Good support system of coil to give core support
  • Form layers that has good comfort and additional support
  • Excellent conformity with memory foam and other foam
  • Always consider comfort layers to prevent immediate sagging
  • Latex
  • Latex foam layer
  • Latex layers for comfort and support
  • Excellent core support layers and support layer
  • Outstanding durability
  • Can easily conform to the body and can easily prevent the pressure points
  • Medium-firm mattress for back sleeper

Adjustable Air

  • Adjustable chamber for the air used
  • Make sure that it has foam and fiber layers    
  • Provides adequate support for back sleeper
  • The firmness of the mattress are can be adjusted based on personal preference
  • No issues on immediate sagging of the mattress
  • Excellent comfort layer for the mattress’ softness

Note: Back Sleeper should always consider the firmness of the mattress (medium to medium-firm)

Why should you choose mattress for back sleeper?

Mattress for back sleeper offers the best sleeping experience and can help you to prevent back pains and issues in the long run. This is an investment that will surely satisfy your need.

What should the back sleeper need to know?

  • Back sleeping position has been proven to be the best sleeping position for getting a good sleep
  • The mattresses for back sleepers will normally depend on the person’s preference of comfort and support
  • Medium to medium-firm has been proven to be the best firmness level of back sleeper’s mattress
  • The best mattresses are usually made in foam, latex, hybrid and adjustable air
  • You need to consider the pillow of your mattress because it will also give a support and comfort

Take note: No matter how good your mattress is but if it does not offer good firmness level, excellent support and luxurious comfort it will not satisfy what your body desire. Always consider on the above information for your guidance.

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Memory Foam Mattress vs Topper

memory foam mattress vs topper

One of the most exciting moments upon moving into a new house, room or apartment is your bed, where you always make sure that you get to have the comfort and excitement you used to have or even made to a point of exceeding your expectations. Some people would tend to buy new mattresses and new topper without knowing that they can still do something out of it either, you may only buy new mattress topper or change your mattress into a whole new level.

But do you really know what are mattresses and toppers are used for? Do you know that it has its own design and comfort? Do you know that these two bed accessories are beneficial where it can prevent back pains in the long run? If your answers to these questions are no, we are here to help you with your troubles and inquiry.

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Memory Foam Mattress vs Topper – How To Choose?

Mattress and mattress topper are different from each other where it has its respective purposes. Some might think that these two only offers the same use and comfort, and others think that it will only cost you unnecessary expenditures without benefits. These mattress and mattress topper will bring you to another level of comfort and fun.

Mattress is usually in large and in rectangular shape that can give a support for a body which is designed to be used as a bed or bed frame. It is made out of a fastened case which contains heavy clothing with cotton, straw, foam rubber and metal springs. In addition, mattresses are usually place on top of bed frame or bed cases which can either be solid or firm such as that of an upholstered wood and box spring which may be filled with natural fibers and or air.

On the other hand, mattress topper is bedding that can be removed (depending on your choice) on top your mattress where its main objective is to supplement the mattress’ comfort and or limitations; it is made to support your mattress that is either too much soft or too much firm. Before, mattress toppers are actually made out of an egg crate or a thin feather bed which makes it alluring. But because of continuous innovations mattress toppers are now made out of memory foam which can be adjusted to support your sleeping condition, position, it can help to relieve pressure in your back, and can be easily shifted from one side to another.

Of course, a mattress topper is more durable and more comfortable than its old design where it provides more support than issues and will not cause allergy to its users. Typically, mattress and mattress toppers have its respective purpose and function that can help your sleeping issued be addressed. So, in order for you to properly select the right mattress and or mattress topper you need to consider first the issue that you have with your existing mattress and mattress topper. Ideally, you can just simply buy new set of bed with mattress and mattress topper yet it would not sound practical.

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Factors To Consider For Mattress and Mattress Topper

Undeniably, you need to weight some factors before you get to decide on what mattress and or mattress topper to buy. We will be providing you some considerations for you to be guide. See below list:

For Mattress Topper, you have to consider your sleeping position and or condition, the therapeutic support it can offer, firmness of existing mattress and your body weight.

  • Sleeping position and or condition

The sleeping positions are usually side, back and stomach. Each has its respective requirement thickness of a mattress topper for you have a properly condition your sleep. First, if you are a side sleeper tendency is your shoulder will sink in the mattress to keep your spinal cord straight. If you sleep in a thin and firm mattress your shoulder can’t sink on the mattress which will eventually cause pain in the long run that is why a thicker mattress topper with 3-4 inches is highly recommended.

Second, back sleeper; your back and buttocks does not need to sink aggressively compared to side sleeper which would only need to have 2-3 inches of mattress topper. Third, stomach sleeper only has a minimal requirement for mattress topper since there is no excessive sinking to happen.

  • Therapeutic Support

As we all know, the thicker the mattress of your bed the better the support and greater pressure it can relief. Basically, it will give a satisfying and comfortable sleeping experience that would even want you to lay in bed all the time.

  • Current Mattress

The thickness of a mattress topper would normally depend on your mattress. If your mattress is too firm and you want to have a soft bed then technically you need to have a thicker mattress topper to truly satisfy your desires.

  • Body Weight

Ideally, the bigger and heavier weight a person is the thicker the mattress topper we recommend.

For Mattress you have to consider your sleeping position to properly select on the firmness of softness of your mattress.

What Should I Choose Between memory foam Mattress and Topper?

The mattress and mattress topper would normally depend on your personal need and perhaps wants. The above consideration that we have showed you will surely help you to properly select the best mattress and or mattress topper. Ideally, you will choose any of these two because it can help you to prevent back issues in the long run; the more you invest on a good investment the more it will not lead you to danger, so might as well you choose these items.

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As a popular quote goes “prevention is always better than cure”. So, might as well invest in a good item to prevent future problem. Mattress and mattress topper is specifically designed to prevent back pain problems and other issues that an ordinary bed usually has.

Your Buying Guide For Bamboo Mattress


Bamboo mattresses are last generation mattresses where all the advances made in this field have been applied during the last times. The bamboo fabrics are totally biodegradable and natural and allow for much better perspiration than cotton fabric by continuously ventilating your mattress inside and out.

They are very resistant fabrics and also have an anti-mite, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial treatment while eliminating odors. The bamboo mattresses are ideal to regulate the temperature since they give freshness in summer and provide warmth in winter always offering a suitable temperature very pleasant to the contact with our body.

Elastic Bamboo Mattress

Buying elastic bamboo mattress is always a wise choice since they are high-quality and high-end mattresses that also have benefits for improving the health of the back and neck. The conjunction of the elastic with the bamboo allows to get a more comfortable position and with less movement while sleeping as it eliminates the pressures on the body and relieves tensions in the joints.

Thus, achieving a more durable posture and with fewer movements which will prevent The sensation of having been spinning all night. They also improve blood circulation. The soft and pleasant touch of the bamboo fabric and the adaptability of the elastic will allow you to rest in an adequate way and get up relaxed and physically recovered.

If you have found interesting this note in which we have referred on bamboo mattress and elastic bamboo mattress, you may want information of these in which we express some ideas about articulated beds, wooden bed frames, and other similar bamboo mattresses them from our article or if you prefer to see our varied catalog of products from the links you have in this mattress online. Purchasing bamboo mattresses should be much easier thanks to this handy guide.

Why Buy Bamboo Elastic Mattress?

The Bamboo elastic mattress is listed as one of the best mattresses on the market. Since its launch in the early 2000s it has been refined and adapted to the most innovative and healthy technologies in the world of rest and endorsed by prestigious sleep research institutes), is the precedent of the new Evolution Bamboo Mattress. But, why is this mattress so special?

This mattress offers maximum adaptability and comfort with the most breathable viscoelastic on the market, an innovative material made up of natural raw materials and manufactured with an ergonomic and special anatomical design that ensures that the mattress adapts perfectly to the needs of the body during rest. In addition, Viscoinstant® Viscoinstant® technology.

It is an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration. It incorporates in its padding provides maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, cushioning movements and avoiding pressure points in the body. This mattress offers a quick adaptation to the body, a perfect recovery, and especially elastic material.

It has got a Resilience capacity that a mattress has to recover its original shape when a pressure is exerted on it. This characteristic at a practical level translates into greater ease of movement and naturalness during rest.  That allows freedom of movement and naturalness during sleep.

It is a mattress recommended for people with the highest demands, with special needs or with muscular, bony and back pain, neck, arthritis, arthritis, and blood circulation, because it manages to distribute the pressure of our body weight perfectly.

What To Look For When Choosing A Bamboo Mattress?

The composition of a mattress determines its qualities, performance, durability, and degree of comfort, so it is important to know what our body rests and what qualities we want for our rest, knowing the materials that form it and what they are for.

The Internal Composition Of Bamboo Mattress

The ergonomic core of this mattress has a special composition that makes it one of the best mattresses on the market. For its manufacture, innovative high-tech design has been chosen, in which the different layers that make it up have been profiled, both in the shapes and in the thicknesses.

Placing each of them in its precise position, you get a mattress with exceptional behavior. It has ventilation channels so that the recovery of the material to its original shape is faster and so that it is ventilated in such a way that the perspiration of our body does not give us an immersive feeling.

Enveloping Sensation Surrounding sensation is understood when a mattress has an excessively dense viscoelastic and produces a sensation of immobility and subsidence. Because of our experience and research in healthy rest, we discourage this type of products. no sensation of heat.

The sensation of heat attributed to viscoelastic mattresses is given when the body comes into contact with the viscoelastic and this is molded to the body by its thermosensitivity. However, it is only a sensation, since the viscoelastic is athermic, does not transmit heat if its formulation is correct.

The analysis of each one of the layers that compose it will help us to better understand its function:

Superior Comfort Enhancement

It provides optimal comfort to the mattress assembly. Top padding design is an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration, materials that provide maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, adapting to the natural silhouette of the body and avoiding pressure points that other materials are not able to alleviate, mainly in the areas of shoulders, hips, and knees.

Pressure Distribution

It is responsible for distributing the pressure of the body uniformly on the mattress It is the natural viscoelastic layer of layers, which allows it to adapt to our natural silhouette, preventing the generation of pressure points on it. This characteristic is beneficial for blood circulation and lumbar, muscular or back discomfort. 

The difference between this bamboo elastic mattress and other market is that we use a renewable natural raw material such as soybean oil and adequate density, the healthy combination recommended by scientists and health professionals of the European Institute of Quality of Sleep, which is one of the most important dream quality research institutes in Europe.

It is formed by scientists, health professionals and health professionals who investigate and guide us on how to get the best rest. Its design allows a work of adaptation and effective recovery.

Aeration Module

A good bamboo mattress must have transpiration thanks to its channel design. The middle layer of this mattress ensures that air circulates through the viscoelastic core so that it keeps it drier and healthier and prevents the accumulation of heat. Most of this foam, which is an open cell material that minimizes drying time. The compressive strength of this material ensures that its aeration channels do not deform with the weight of our body.

Resistance, Firmness, and Articulation

This Bamboo Mattress layer adapts to the shape of our body to withstand greater compression in the areas most in need, at the same time that it serves as firm support for the viscoelastic layer. Most bamboo mattresses have an innovative material made from natural raw materials, the difference is that we use a renewable natural raw material such as Soybean oil.

Lower Comfort Enhancement

Bamboo mattresses must provide optimal comfort to the lower back area. Bottom padding designed with an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration, materials that provide maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, adapting to the natural silhouette of the body and avoiding pressure points that other materials are not able to alleviate, mainly in the areas of shoulders, hips, and knees.

External Composition Of The Bamboo Mattress

This mattress has a closed, non-detachable finish, which protects Bamboo mattress core from external factors that could reduce its performance in the medium term. With this finish, we achieve greater durability and comfort during rest.

Good Tips To Remember When Picking Out A Mattress

Whether you are going to pick out a new bamboo elastic mattress or something else entirely, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Picking out a mattress whether you are shopping on the internet or picking out one at a store, means that you need to ask yourself these following questions. It will make the whole process of mattress shopping a breeze if you do so.

1. When to change it?

Most mattress manufacturers recommend doing it at most every 10 years, for hygiene and comfort. The materials deteriorate over time, lose their comfort properties and no longer guarantee rest or hygiene. A mattress in poor condition causes pain and causes you to get up without energy.

2. What is good for one is not good for everyone, many times we hear

A mattress of a specific material was very good for me …” This should not influence our decision since the rest needs are absolutely individual. There is no perfect solution for everyone, we must let us advise so that they indicate the product that best suits our sleep and our physiognomy.

3. Search by materials and not my needs

Sometimes it can confuse more than help. We should not be blinded by materials. It’s simple, what we look for is a product that allows us to sleep well. Technology is the means to get a good rest but first, you have to know what comfort is best for us. Try and trust the sensations, that’s what really matters.

4. “Nobody gives hard to pesetas”

Is a phrase made, but the reality is that research, materials, technologies, and developments require an investment that many companies cannot afford. Beware of bargain deals and go to top-tier manufacturers who are specialists in what they do offering guarantees of that.

5. Length

Important, yes, the mattress should allow you to lie down and not hang your feet. Leaning on the pillow should be a space of about 10-15 cm. Try and look for guides that will show you the right size and length for your mattress.

6. Temperature

Yes, the temperature is something that worries because men and women have different thermostats. Even so there are basic principles that improve the control of the temperature in a bed.

  • The spring blocks are the mattress core with greater ventilation

Thanks to the air circulating freely inside the ventilation capacity is maximum. It is the chamber of insulating air, similar to the one of the covers of the roofs in the houses.

8. Everything counts

Good rest is achieved thanks to the combination of a mattress, a pillow, and a suitable base. We tend to think about giving all the responsibility of rest to the mattress but in reality, it is important to bear in mind that a pillow badly chosen or in poor condition can make the best mattress is not useful because that simple element will make us unable to sleep.

9. Allergies Increasingly common

it is important to keep this point in mind when buying, you do not have to take anything for granted, not all mattresses are the same or all have specific treatments, only Pikolin has developed components that apply in the foaming of the layers just below the fabric that allow guaranteeing maximum hygiene against mites bacteria and fungi specific to rest.

Because if, although it is a little difficult to talk about this topic, after a few years the mattress accumulates remains of dead skin of microscopic size that is deposited on the mattress (although they are logically changed and washed) that is the food of the Mites whose feces are the allergens that cause a significant amount of allergies.

We know that looking for a mattress involves an important learning task on technological developments since it is likely that many years have passed since the last purchase, so we want to give some very simple guidelines that serve as a reference:

We sleep a third of our lives. Give the importance you have to this process of buying a mattress. A mattress is a product that will be our bed, where we will sleep an average of 30,000 hours, that is why it is very important to dedicate some time, it will be a very good investment. We hope that this guide has been of huge help to you.

How To Pick A Mattress Topper

How To Pick A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is the upper layer of a mattress. It is different from mattress cover or a mattress pad. The mattress cover provides great comfort and is an essential item of the bedroom. Mattress topper is usually made of latex, memory foam, polyester blends, feathers or wool. All these materials differ in terms of comfort and longevity and depending on those factors the price of a mattress topper is decided. It is not necessary that a mattress topper from a good brand only will give you comfort. So here are a few points you should consider on how to pick a perfect mattress topper for you.

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Essential qualities of a mattress topper

  • If you are not allergic to natural latex then and only then can a latex mattress topper be ideal for you. The latex mattress topper does not transmit movements across the bed to a great extent and thus helps you to sleep even under some disturbance. This mattress topper is usually free from microbes as natural latex have antimicrobial properties. But while getting your mattress topper to make you it is made of natural latex and not completely of synthetic latex as that might give you a very unpleasant rubber like the smell. 
  • It is better if you stay away from mattress topper made of polyester blends. They are the most inexpensive mattress topper available on market by they do not last for a long and just act as an additional layer of the mattress with very little additional comfort. Thus, this mattress topper could be a waste of money and will not last for a longer time as well.
  • Another very attractive option for mattress topper material in wool. This material could be really expensive and hard to find but they surely give you the right to comfort and are very durable. Most people think that woolen mattress topper may be quite too hot for the summer months but do not worry that is not at all the case. The woolen mattress topper feels hotter during winter months and can be soothing for the summer months.
  • Some people prefer mattress topper made of memory foam as it is a cheaper option and is quite durable. These mattress toppers are soft and comfortable to lay on and even id good for people with arthritis or sore joints. Thus, this could be a good option even for elderly people. But again, in terms of comfort the woolen or latex mattress topper is a better option but if you are on a budget then you can choose the memory foam material as well. 

How to find a mattress topper for back pain.

These points have been formulated depending on the comfort a mattress topper should provide. So hopefully if you keep these factors into consideration picking a mattress topper for your bedroom won’t be a difficult job. Many people blindly rely on brands and then end up buying the wrong material. The allergy factor of the materials is also very important and must be considered while choosing the correct mattress topper.

Apart from these factors, you can also check for customer reviews to choose your mattress. Here are some of the reviews which describe the exact feeling of a customer who has been using a mattress topper.

The memory foam mattress topper is widely preferred by people due to its cheaper price and good quality and there exists a number of modifications to it.

  • Memory foam mattress topper filled with gel. The customers using it felt that this mattress topper really did help many to rid of muscle and joint pain and stay healthy.
  • Cooling gel memory foam mattress topper helps to trap body heat and give you a comfortable night sleep. Because of the unique cooling sensation, this mattress topper is widely preferred by people living in hotter climates.
  • The bamboo charcoal mattress topper is also a variety of memory foam mattress topper and this helps to reduce odor and moisture while you are sleeping. Thus, this was an attractive innovation among the family of foam memory mattress toppers. This is quite cheap as well and is priced at much less than a 100$.
  • The sensor gel luxury cool gel infused memory foam mattress topper is one of the most expensive mattress toppers in this family but it is so comfortable that you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. So, if you are looking for a luxurious mattress topper with lots of comfort for a perfect night sleep then this is the mattress topper for you.  
  • While buying a mattress topper make sure you consider the height or amount of infused gel present on the foam memory mattress topper as this determines the amount of comfort you will get from such a mattress topper.

Thus, following these aspects can provide you with perfect night sleep. But in case you are still not convinced about the benefits of a mattress topper here are a few more aspects of it. If your mattress is in good condition but not comfortable enough for you then just add a mattress topper to your bed instead of replacing the whole mattress. This could not only save you a lot of money but also provide you with a more comfortable bed. Again, if your mattress is damaged and you are looking to buy a new one then just invest on a mattress topper as well rather than buying a very expensive mattress. A very expensive mattress will give you less comfort than an exclusive mattress topper along with a general mattress.

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Keeping all the factors in mind investing on a mattress topper is a good choice one can make. But if you are on a budget and buying a mattress topper just for the sake of it make sure you choose a good one because some mattress topper might just end up providing you with no additional comfort at all. So not only the budget but the material is also important. Most of these mattress toppers mentioned do last for a very long time and you do not need to worry as this is a long-term investment.

Find the best mattress topper for back pain.

Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Mattress Topper For Back Pain

It today’s time, people will usually work all day and night of all ages regardless of gender just to feed their selves and their family. This is already a nature of a human being. We tend to work a lot just to make sure that we can survive the day with a full stomach and a full pocket where often times we can’t properly have a rest and or sleep.

Sometimes, we ended up lying in a chair and or couch instead of a bed where back pains and problems will eventually occur. Yes, it is not bad to work aggressively work but it is also not bad to have a proper rest which you deserve. Are you one of those persons who vividly work all day and night?  Do you always make sure that you can have a good rest after a long day?

Do you start to feel pains in your back due to lack of good rest and mattress to sleep on? If your answers to these questions are yes, then it is time for you to acquire a good mattress that can help you relieve your back pains. Again, yes it is not bad to work too much but it is also not bad to have this investment. We guarantee that this item will help you with all your back pains be relieved.

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What Is The Mattress Topper For Back Pain?

If you happen to suffer a back pains and issues after you wake up then you might need a mattress topper for back pain that has a good and high quality within which it can provide you a comfortable sleep. In addition, it can help you to prevent back pains and issues so that you can have a full blown good rest.

A mattress topper that is specifically designed for back pain is a piece of bedding that is removable and fitted at the top of your mattress. This special mattress topper will make your mattress even more comfortable so that you can have a good sleep without suffering from back pain or aches in any other part of your body.

Mattress topper for back pain will save you from spending too much just because your old mattress has gotten to its softness or firmness through the years of using it and ends you up of buying a new one but instead this special mattress topper ensures you that you can an adequate cushion and support.

Generally, there are two classification of mattress topper for back pain that is already available in the market, namely: Memory Mattress Topper for back pain and Latex Foam Mattress Toppers for back pain. These two offers you to relieve back pains but with different features. The former, has the capacity to be conventional with your body within which helps you to align your spinal cord and neck. 

It also has the capacity to familiarize the shape of your body as you get to sleep that will help you to relieve back pains without disturbing your sleep. On the other hand, this special topper has a pin core holes all over its surface where these holes will absorb the weight of your body to fully give the satisfying comfort.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Mattress Topper For Back Pain?

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One of the most vital factor that you need to consider is how beneficial the item to you and how it can help you to relieve your back issues. Most often than not, people would only buy some products without knowing its benefits and purpose. Here, we will be giving you its benefits so that you can be guided. See below list:

  • It can help you to relieve back pain and issues

To relieve back pain and issues are the primary objective of mattress topper for back pain. This is specifically designed to conform to your body and treat the pressure points of your back, hips and even shoulders where it ensures that your sleep will never be destructed.

  • Cooler Sleep

It has its cooling effect where you will not sweat and feel warm once you wake up. Mattress topper for back pain has special materials that are infused with cooling gel, layered foam and holes where it help to improve your body’s circulation.

  • Fresh Mattress

It is a fact that the longer you use your mattress the more its surface can be flattened. Now, by the existence of mattress topper for back pain it can also bring your old mattress into new level of comfort and relaxation.

  • Affordable

This mattress topper for back pain will help you to save your penny and will not require you to purchase new mattresses. Thus, mattress topper for back is much affordable than purchasing a whole new bed.

In addition, mattress topper for back pain has various features that can also help you to choose the right item for you. See below for your consideration:

  • Thickness

The thickness of mattress topper for back pain will normally on depend on your sleeping position where it may require you to have a thicker or just a thinner one.

  • Cooling feature

Since mattress topper for back pain is also designed for comfort then a cooling gel is added as one of its vital materials.

  • Support Material

As we have mentioned, mattress topper for back pain are either made of memory foam or latex foam which can give a great support for relieving back pain and other back issues.

Why Do I Have To Choose Mattress Topper For Back Pain?

If you are the person who is currently facing back pain issues then this special topper is what you need. Aside from the fact that it can relieve your back pain issues, it can also help you out to lessen your expenses in purchasing a new bed especially if your mattress is still in good condition.


Mattress Topper for back pain is a special mattress topper that is designed to relieve every person’s back pain. This is a good investment where it can help you to prevent future problems.

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