Are Mattress Toppers Good For Your Back?

Basically, a mattress topper is similar to an overlay or thing pad which lies right on the top of your regular mattress. It can be found in various shapes and sizes. The thickness can range from 1″ to 3″ and even beyond at times. They are generally used to change or refresh up the top sleeping surface of your mattress. A lot of people believe that sleeping directly on the mattress can dull their expensive mattresses, while others avoid doing so because of their health issues. Another thing is that mattresses have some standard designs, styles or thicknesses which may or may not fit in well with your requirements or sleeping habits. Thus, if it goes too hard or too soft, the best alternative is to have the right mattress topper.

Now the question is, whether a topper will be good for your back or not? The very first thing is that our body is totally different from that of others and thus, it is going to be a subjective challenge. While some people get relaxation in their prevalent body or back pain by using toppers, others might experience a growing new pain by using it. It completely depends on what your sleeping habits are.

Here are some of the factors that can define whether mattress toppers are actually beneficial or not!

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  • First of all, why are you using a mattress topper?

If you have an existing mattress that is too hard or too soft, surely it is going to hurt your back, neck and other pressure points. However, if you already have a good mattress that supports your body nicely, but you want to keep it secure and thus, you are willing to purchase a topper, well this might create an issue. A lot of people believe that mattresses are really expensive to be purchased again and again, thus, they end up buying toppers instead for better support. They are definitely not wrong, but the health of your mattress is never as important as your own body health. Thus, always ask yourself why do you need a mattress topper? Is it for comfort, or for aesthetics? Is it for your body, or to support the mattress? All these questions certainly help you determine the right reason for changes or complications in your body.

If you are comfortable with the hard mattress and can sleep well, don’t change it. If it bothers you all the time, get a good thick topper so that the pressure can be changed. Whatever you do, the pressure always comes from the bottom and thus, a mattress will always play a key role in determining your sleep patterns and the significant relaxation that your body experiences.

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  • The materials used within the mattress toppers!

This is the biggest factor, which totally determines how your topper is going to treat you! Majorly, there are 4 materials that are used in mattress toppers. Each of them comes with positive as well as negative factors that can either help you to cure back pain or invite one. So, here are further details about the same!

  1. Latex Foam Toppers– they are designed through the milky excretion of rubber plant and they are converted into foam through Dunlop or Talalay process. Dunlop is a bit harder while the other one contains rich air and is soft when used. Being resilient foam, it can absorb a whole lot of pressure around your hips and shoulders when you sleep on your sides. Also, the back sleepers can enjoy a great shoulder as well as buttock support. If you are a tummy sleeper, go for the soft one as the hard one is definitely not the right choice. As per the mattress and its thickness, you have to choose the right one that can fit in with your body perfectly.
  2. Natural Down and Feather– if you have got one such mattress that is really hard on the center part, then you can easily go for this natural mattress type. The luxury of the natural feathers gives you immense comfort and softness that you cannot easily find in some other products. The light and soft feathers from the breasts of the birds can make sleeping extra comfortable and great for you. However, as the down feathers are natural, there are some set of people who can get allergic to the same. It is really bad for those who have allergies with fur and thus if you have any such similar issue then always go for any other mattress.
  3. Memory foam– it is also famous as visco-elastic foam and it is the most common type of topper. The mattress relaxes at those parts where your body is in maximum touch, also, with your body heat the mattress softens and gets in shape. As you sleep regularly on the same, it will memorize your body shape and slowly maintain the consistency of support at all your curves and body parts. Mostly, people who use such a mattress topper experience positive change in their back pain. It supports the pressure points and helps you to sleep comfortably. However, at times it can heat up extremely much, and you might wake up in summers due to the high pressures which are the only con that it has.
  4. Synthetic Fiber Fillings– this is the last alternative that you can go for, giving your back the ultimate treatment that it desires. They are simply made up of synthetic materials and can simply vary in terms of their thickness. The thicker fiber it uses the more firm your topper will be. Thin microfibers deliver a comfortable and soft feeling whereas the hollow ones give much support. Thus, always make sure what your body, especially back desires and choose the one after getting the full feel of the same.

So, these were some of the most famous and highly used mattress toppers that you can buy to get rid of painful back pain. However, always consider your allergies, thickness, and material so that you never have to invest more and more money in the same product.

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