Reasons to Buy a Restonic Mattress

restonic mattress

Are you considering purchasing a brand new mattress? If you are in the market for a comfortable place to rest your head, then a Restonic mattress may be the ideal solution for you.

One of the first reasons that you should consider purchasing a brand new Restonic mattress is cost. Therapedic mattresses run around $400, which is much more affordable than similar models produced by other manufacturers. While you may be able to purchase a cheap mattress for a couple hundred from a superstore, specialized therapeutic models usually run much more money.

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This point brings us to the second reason that you should purchase a Restonic mattress, which is comfort. One popular line that this company offers is ComfortCare, which features a patented resilient middle, which offers increased body support, in addition to improved durability and resiliency.

The marvelous middle works by putting more coils in the center, which a provides much more support than a traditional mattress, and high density foam surrounds the edges of the inner springs, giving a very comfortable surface without having to worry about metal poking you in the back over time.

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Like other types of foam mattresses, Restonic offers motion transference, which means that if you get up during the night, you will have a lower risk of disturbing your partner. Many Restonic foam mattresses also feature memory foam, which will remember your body shape over time.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bed is allergens, and if you suffer from allergies, you may want to avail yourself of the latex line that Restonic offers, which is naturally hygienic and resistant to dust mites and bacteria. In addition this type of latex material is environmentally safe and biodegradable, in addition to proving very durable. Latex mattresses also provide pressure point relief, because they respond to the contours and curves of the body.

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There are many reasons that you should look into purchasing a Restonic mattress, and retailers are available that carry their products throughout the United States. Whether you are concerned with allergies, price, or comfort, this company has the style and selection that will allow you to gain a good night’s sleep, no matter what your preferences are.

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Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Best mattress for back sleepers

Generally, there are three sleeping position that a person may choose as they sleep namely; side sleeping, stomach sleeping and back sleeping. It is a fact that people find it more comfortable sleeping in back position however there are still people who repeatedly toss and turn just for them to find their best sleeping position. But did you know that back sleeping can give a good condition of sleeping? What sleeping position do you personally prefer? Do you that there are mattresses that best used for back sleeper?

Most often than not, people find it comfortable stretching out in bed while watching television and or reading however it only has a small percentage out from a hundred. If you are a person who prefers to sleep in back position, then it is important for you to know both the pros and cons of such position and some factors that you can choose the best mattress that can enhance the support and comfort that you desire.

When you are sleeping in back position, our body tends to have its natural posture however this might be affected and turn to a problem if it is not properly supported by your mattress or bed. So, it is important that you will vividly check and choose the best mattresses for a person like you.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Mattresses For Back Sleepers

Technically, the mattress that is suited for a back sleeper will vary on the comfort level and the firmness of the mattress. To help you out, see below list for your guide:

  • Ample Support

This is intended for the support and alignment of your back. Back sleeping has natural effect of aligning the person’s spinal cord, neck and head. It is important that a mattress for back sleeper has a support system that can help you to prevent back issues in the long run.

  • Softness of the Mattress

As you sleep, it a general logic that your weight will be distributed all over your body which it can help to mitigate pressure points. So, it is important that you get to have a mattress that has enough softness that can arch with your lower back and can easily conform in your body.

  • Firmness

Back sleeper should consider on choosing s mattress in medium to medium-firm level of comfort.

  • Cooling Property

A cooling gel in a mattress will also help back sleeper to prevent getting sweat and warm when you wake up or get up from your bed.

  • Durability

As we all know, as you purchase a mattress it will cost you some penny. So, it is important that you will consider the durability of the item because this will also serve as your personal investment. If you want a mattress that has a good quality and can stand through time then refrain from those mattresses that has cheap component and will wear out quickly. As a popular saying goes “the higher the price the higher the quality”.

  • Pillow

When you purchase a new mattress then you should also consider your pillow. This pillow will also provide a support and comfort where back sleepers can benefit from.

  • Proven reviews

Make sure that you got to receive good reviews from other customer on the mattress that you chose. This will also serve as an indicator of the item’s performance.

Technically the best mattress for back sleeper would depend on the person’s preference and body weight.  But for us, those mattresses that have a firmness of medium to medium-firm level is of best choice. Generally, back sleeper would only want to have mattress that can provide a good support for body alignment and enough softness to moderate the natural alignment of spinal cord, neck and head.

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What Are The Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers?

There are several mattresses that are already available in the market claiming to be the best of the best. Below are the best mattresses that every back sleeper should have. See below list:

Foam Mattress

  • High density for foam layers both for support and comfort
  • The combination of foam layers that is used for support and comfort
  • Cooling gel for the prevention of heat tapping
  • Consistency to its support and medium firmness for back sleeper
  • Exemplary conformity and pressure points
  • Thickness of comfort layering to avoid immediate sagging


  • Good combination of coil and foam
  • Good support system of coil to give core support
  • Form layers that has good comfort and additional support
  • Excellent conformity with memory foam and other foam
  • Always consider comfort layers to prevent immediate sagging
  • Latex
  • Latex foam layer
  • Latex layers for comfort and support
  • Excellent core support layers and support layer
  • Outstanding durability
  • Can easily conform to the body and can easily prevent the pressure points
  • Medium-firm mattress for back sleeper

Adjustable Air

  • Adjustable chamber for the air used
  • Make sure that it has foam and fiber layers    
  • Provides adequate support for back sleeper
  • The firmness of the mattress are can be adjusted based on personal preference
  • No issues on immediate sagging of the mattress
  • Excellent comfort layer for the mattress’ softness

Note: Back Sleeper should always consider the firmness of the mattress (medium to medium-firm)

Why should you choose mattress for back sleeper?

Mattress for back sleeper offers the best sleeping experience and can help you to prevent back pains and issues in the long run. This is an investment that will surely satisfy your need.

What should the back sleeper need to know?

  • Back sleeping position has been proven to be the best sleeping position for getting a good sleep
  • The mattresses for back sleepers will normally depend on the person’s preference of comfort and support
  • Medium to medium-firm has been proven to be the best firmness level of back sleeper’s mattress
  • The best mattresses are usually made in foam, latex, hybrid and adjustable air
  • You need to consider the pillow of your mattress because it will also give a support and comfort

Take note: No matter how good your mattress is but if it does not offer good firmness level, excellent support and luxurious comfort it will not satisfy what your body desire. Always consider on the above information for your guidance.

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Your Buying Guide For Bamboo Mattress


Bamboo mattresses are last generation mattresses where all the advances made in this field have been applied during the last times. The bamboo fabrics are totally biodegradable and natural and allow for much better perspiration than cotton fabric by continuously ventilating your mattress inside and out.

They are very resistant fabrics and also have an anti-mite, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial treatment while eliminating odors. The bamboo mattresses are ideal to regulate the temperature since they give freshness in summer and provide warmth in winter always offering a suitable temperature very pleasant to the contact with our body.

Elastic Bamboo Mattress

Buying elastic bamboo mattress is always a wise choice since they are high-quality and high-end mattresses that also have benefits for improving the health of the back and neck. The conjunction of the elastic with the bamboo allows to get a more comfortable position and with less movement while sleeping as it eliminates the pressures on the body and relieves tensions in the joints.

Thus, achieving a more durable posture and with fewer movements which will prevent The sensation of having been spinning all night. They also improve blood circulation. The soft and pleasant touch of the bamboo fabric and the adaptability of the elastic will allow you to rest in an adequate way and get up relaxed and physically recovered.

If you have found interesting this note in which we have referred on bamboo mattress and elastic bamboo mattress, you may want information of these in which we express some ideas about articulated beds, wooden bed frames, and other similar bamboo mattresses them from our article or if you prefer to see our varied catalog of products from the links you have in this mattress online. Purchasing bamboo mattresses should be much easier thanks to this handy guide.

Why Buy Bamboo Elastic Mattress?

The Bamboo elastic mattress is listed as one of the best mattresses on the market. Since its launch in the early 2000s it has been refined and adapted to the most innovative and healthy technologies in the world of rest and endorsed by prestigious sleep research institutes), is the precedent of the new Evolution Bamboo Mattress. But, why is this mattress so special?

This mattress offers maximum adaptability and comfort with the most breathable viscoelastic on the market, an innovative material made up of natural raw materials and manufactured with an ergonomic and special anatomical design that ensures that the mattress adapts perfectly to the needs of the body during rest. In addition, Viscoinstant® Viscoinstant® technology.

It is an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration. It incorporates in its padding provides maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, cushioning movements and avoiding pressure points in the body. This mattress offers a quick adaptation to the body, a perfect recovery, and especially elastic material.

It has got a Resilience capacity that a mattress has to recover its original shape when a pressure is exerted on it. This characteristic at a practical level translates into greater ease of movement and naturalness during rest.  That allows freedom of movement and naturalness during sleep.

It is a mattress recommended for people with the highest demands, with special needs or with muscular, bony and back pain, neck, arthritis, arthritis, and blood circulation, because it manages to distribute the pressure of our body weight perfectly.

What To Look For When Choosing A Bamboo Mattress?

The composition of a mattress determines its qualities, performance, durability, and degree of comfort, so it is important to know what our body rests and what qualities we want for our rest, knowing the materials that form it and what they are for.

The Internal Composition Of Bamboo Mattress

The ergonomic core of this mattress has a special composition that makes it one of the best mattresses on the market. For its manufacture, innovative high-tech design has been chosen, in which the different layers that make it up have been profiled, both in the shapes and in the thicknesses.

Placing each of them in its precise position, you get a mattress with exceptional behavior. It has ventilation channels so that the recovery of the material to its original shape is faster and so that it is ventilated in such a way that the perspiration of our body does not give us an immersive feeling.

Enveloping Sensation Surrounding sensation is understood when a mattress has an excessively dense viscoelastic and produces a sensation of immobility and subsidence. Because of our experience and research in healthy rest, we discourage this type of products. no sensation of heat.

The sensation of heat attributed to viscoelastic mattresses is given when the body comes into contact with the viscoelastic and this is molded to the body by its thermosensitivity. However, it is only a sensation, since the viscoelastic is athermic, does not transmit heat if its formulation is correct.

The analysis of each one of the layers that compose it will help us to better understand its function:

Superior Comfort Enhancement

It provides optimal comfort to the mattress assembly. Top padding design is an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration, materials that provide maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, adapting to the natural silhouette of the body and avoiding pressure points that other materials are not able to alleviate, mainly in the areas of shoulders, hips, and knees.

Pressure Distribution

It is responsible for distributing the pressure of the body uniformly on the mattress It is the natural viscoelastic layer of layers, which allows it to adapt to our natural silhouette, preventing the generation of pressure points on it. This characteristic is beneficial for blood circulation and lumbar, muscular or back discomfort. 

The difference between this bamboo elastic mattress and other market is that we use a renewable natural raw material such as soybean oil and adequate density, the healthy combination recommended by scientists and health professionals of the European Institute of Quality of Sleep, which is one of the most important dream quality research institutes in Europe.

It is formed by scientists, health professionals and health professionals who investigate and guide us on how to get the best rest. Its design allows a work of adaptation and effective recovery.

Aeration Module

A good bamboo mattress must have transpiration thanks to its channel design. The middle layer of this mattress ensures that air circulates through the viscoelastic core so that it keeps it drier and healthier and prevents the accumulation of heat. Most of this foam, which is an open cell material that minimizes drying time. The compressive strength of this material ensures that its aeration channels do not deform with the weight of our body.

Resistance, Firmness, and Articulation

This Bamboo Mattress layer adapts to the shape of our body to withstand greater compression in the areas most in need, at the same time that it serves as firm support for the viscoelastic layer. Most bamboo mattresses have an innovative material made from natural raw materials, the difference is that we use a renewable natural raw material such as Soybean oil.

Lower Comfort Enhancement

Bamboo mattresses must provide optimal comfort to the lower back area. Bottom padding designed with an exclusive foam of great softness, which sometimes provides more benefits for rest than the viscoelastic itself: greater softness to the touch, less sinking, greater perspiration, materials that provide maximum breathability and the best efficiency for the correct position of the back, adapting to the natural silhouette of the body and avoiding pressure points that other materials are not able to alleviate, mainly in the areas of shoulders, hips, and knees.

External Composition Of The Bamboo Mattress

This mattress has a closed, non-detachable finish, which protects Bamboo mattress core from external factors that could reduce its performance in the medium term. With this finish, we achieve greater durability and comfort during rest.

Good Tips To Remember When Picking Out A Mattress

Whether you are going to pick out a new bamboo elastic mattress or something else entirely, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Picking out a mattress whether you are shopping on the internet or picking out one at a store, means that you need to ask yourself these following questions. It will make the whole process of mattress shopping a breeze if you do so.

1. When to change it?

Most mattress manufacturers recommend doing it at most every 10 years, for hygiene and comfort. The materials deteriorate over time, lose their comfort properties and no longer guarantee rest or hygiene. A mattress in poor condition causes pain and causes you to get up without energy.

2. What is good for one is not good for everyone, many times we hear

A mattress of a specific material was very good for me …” This should not influence our decision since the rest needs are absolutely individual. There is no perfect solution for everyone, we must let us advise so that they indicate the product that best suits our sleep and our physiognomy.

3. Search by materials and not my needs

Sometimes it can confuse more than help. We should not be blinded by materials. It’s simple, what we look for is a product that allows us to sleep well. Technology is the means to get a good rest but first, you have to know what comfort is best for us. Try and trust the sensations, that’s what really matters.

4. “Nobody gives hard to pesetas”

Is a phrase made, but the reality is that research, materials, technologies, and developments require an investment that many companies cannot afford. Beware of bargain deals and go to top-tier manufacturers who are specialists in what they do offering guarantees of that.

5. Length

Important, yes, the mattress should allow you to lie down and not hang your feet. Leaning on the pillow should be a space of about 10-15 cm. Try and look for guides that will show you the right size and length for your mattress.

6. Temperature

Yes, the temperature is something that worries because men and women have different thermostats. Even so there are basic principles that improve the control of the temperature in a bed.

  • The spring blocks are the mattress core with greater ventilation

Thanks to the air circulating freely inside the ventilation capacity is maximum. It is the chamber of insulating air, similar to the one of the covers of the roofs in the houses.

8. Everything counts

Good rest is achieved thanks to the combination of a mattress, a pillow, and a suitable base. We tend to think about giving all the responsibility of rest to the mattress but in reality, it is important to bear in mind that a pillow badly chosen or in poor condition can make the best mattress is not useful because that simple element will make us unable to sleep.

9. Allergies Increasingly common

it is important to keep this point in mind when buying, you do not have to take anything for granted, not all mattresses are the same or all have specific treatments, only Pikolin has developed components that apply in the foaming of the layers just below the fabric that allow guaranteeing maximum hygiene against mites bacteria and fungi specific to rest.

Because if, although it is a little difficult to talk about this topic, after a few years the mattress accumulates remains of dead skin of microscopic size that is deposited on the mattress (although they are logically changed and washed) that is the food of the Mites whose feces are the allergens that cause a significant amount of allergies.

We know that looking for a mattress involves an important learning task on technological developments since it is likely that many years have passed since the last purchase, so we want to give some very simple guidelines that serve as a reference:

We sleep a third of our lives. Give the importance you have to this process of buying a mattress. A mattress is a product that will be our bed, where we will sleep an average of 30,000 hours, that is why it is very important to dedicate some time, it will be a very good investment. We hope that this guide has been of huge help to you.

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