Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back when you wake up? Is your sleep interrupted in the middle of the night and then in the morning you aren’t well rested and fresh? This is quite common issue and the cause is something you would often forget about, your mattress. Thankfully this is something that is easily fixed and the solution is a good mattress topper for back pain.

Why A Mattress Topper

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The advantages of using a mattress topper over getting a new mattress is mainly in cost. Mattress topper will solve most issues people will have with their current mattress at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Choosing the best mattress topper for back pain can be quite overwhelming for people since there is an abundance of mattress toppers available to choose from. We took some of the most popular picks and wrote short reviews of them with their pros and cons so you can choose the one that fits your need perfectly.

Find out what is important to look for when buying for a mattress topper for back pain.

LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

best mattress topper for back pain

This 3 inch gel infused memory foam mattress topper is created to provide you back pain free sleeping experience. It’s not just suited for people with back pain problems but it will be a great for everyone that isn’t completely happy with their current mattress and sleep quality. Since it’s gel infused it’s designed to prevent overheating which makes it perfect if you live in area where it gets really hot during the year. The density of the topper isn’t that high and it feels quite soft when you lay on it allowing it to shape around your body and reduce the pressure on your back. There is also a 2 inch version which would be a bit more firmer so it might suit you more if you prefer that kind of feel from your mattress.

Our topper came with chemical smell when it was opened and it took few days for it completely disappear. There is also no cover for it included in the package so we recommend you get one with the topper since it will make it easier to clean and maintain in perfect standing for a long time. The warranty on the mattress topper is only 3 years which isn’t bad but is lower than other manufacturers give for their toppers.

offers a good comfort and back pain reliefunpleasant chemical smell when brand new
good support for whole bodyno cover included in package
designed with cooling in mindonly 3 year limited warranty
best buy

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LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Gel/Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper

mattress topper for back pain

This mattress topper is 2 inches thick and is available in versions with Lavender and Gel infused material. The one we had for review was a Lavender version which came out of the box with a strong lavender smell that it kept for quite a while. We recommend you to air it out for first day since it can be really overwhelming at first. After a day it keeps the smell but it stops being overwhelming and it fills the whole room with a pleasing smell. The topper is quite plush especially for it’s thickness.

Usually the 2 inches toppers are a bit firmer than this and it feels similar to what a 3 inch topper would be. The main feature of this topper are 5 comfort zones that are designed in such way to eliminate common pressure points in the body to promote uninterrupted sleep and help with back pain. Unfortunately the topper isn’t as breathable as some of the other recommended ones so  if you live in an area where it becomes quite hot during the year this topper might not be for you. There also isn’t a cover that comes with the topper and manufacturer doesn’t have a special cover for it that you can buy. Warranty on it is only 3 years which is less than what some other manufacturers offer.

pleasant scent after being aired out
unpleasant smell when just opened
designed with eliminating pressure points in mind
no cover included
plush for its thicknessdoesn’t dissipate head as good as other toppers
good for back sleepersonly 3 year limited warranty

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Zinus 1.5 Inch Swirl Gel Memory Foam Air Flow Topper

Zinus 1.5 inch topper is a great choice for those who prefer firmer mattresses. It is perfect for warm areas with it’s egg carton pattern and cool gel memory foam which should keep the bed temperature down even during the hottest nights. As with most other mattress toppers we reviewed it had a bad smell for first few days and you will need to air it out before you put it on your bed.

The mattress topper doesn’t come with a cover so if you want to keep it in prestene condition it would be great idea to get one with it. The mattress topper comes with a worry free 5 year limited warranty which is really good and better than the previous two toppers we mentioned. Also it is the cheapest of the reviewed mattress toppers so if you are looking for something on a limited budget this might be the one for you.

cheapchemical smell when new
ideal for back sleepersno cover included
good heat dissipation
not as good as some other choices for relieving back pain

Do you need a mattress pad or topper?

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

This mattress topper from Sleep Innovations is one of the best mattress toppers we ever used. It is ideal for side sleepers being a 4 inch topper since it gives you enough depth to comfortably sink into the mattress. It is quite a lot plushier than other mattress toppers we reviewed so if you prefer firm beds this might not be a topper for you.

Surprisingly compared to other plush toppers which tend to be really bad in hot environments this one didn’t hold the heat quite as much but it is also not as cool as some other thinner and firmer toppers which are designed with cooling in mind. We did need to air it out for a day since it had a faint chemical smell when we opened it up. This topper comes with a cover which is great since it saves the topper from moving around in bed and it makes the topper really easy to clean and keep in good condition for years to come. The topper also comes with 10 year limited warranty which is way above what other manufacturers give. Unfortunately there is a price to pay for everything you get out of this topper and it’s one of the more expensive ones we reviewed so far.

really good at reliving back pressureprice
plush, so it’s ideal for side sleepersmight be too plush for some
comes with a covernot as good as thinner toppers if you are in warm environment
10 year warranty

ViscoSoft 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft memory foam mattress topper is the best mattress topper for back pain we ever used and it became permanent feature on our bed. Being 3 inches it is perfect balance of firmness and plushness and it can fit both back and side sleepers. It was made with cooling in mind with it being made out of gel-infused memory foam and it’s really easy to sleep on it in warm environments.

While the design of the foam doesn’t look fancy from the outside like some other toppers we reviewed it certainly felt the best to sleep on out of all of them and is certainly the best mattress topper for back pain we used. Like all other toppers we reviewed it needed a day or two to air the chemical smell out but after it had no unpleasing smells. The topper comes with a great cover which has a mesh bottom and a strap which will prevent it from sliding around on your mattress and it’s also great for easy cleaning of the topper.

Unfortunately it only has a 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects. In case you don’t enjoy the feel of the topper the manufacturer gives a full refund within the 60 days after the purchase which shows how confident they are in their product. The price also matches the quality of the product and it’s one of the more expensive mattress toppers we tried.

best mattress topper for back pain out of all we triedprice
good during hot nightsonly 3 year limited warranty
high quality cover included with the mattress topper
chemical smell when new


Mattress Topper is a special type of mattress pad designed to refresh your bed without buying and spending a ton of money for a new mattress. Most of them are designed to help with back pain and help you prevent future back problems.

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