Mattress For Hip Pain

When we suffer from hip pain it is very difficult to sleep. In today’s post, we are going to recommend the best mattresses to have a proper rest with this ailment and be able to face a better day today.

Hip pain is a condition that is usually associated with advanced age. However, there are many medical conditions or related to the quality of life, such as a bad mattress, which can lead to discomfort in that part of the body. But what type of mattress is best to avoid that discomfort? The first thing to keep in mind is that a proper medical treatment and a quality mattress can help to improve the discomfort, so if you want to know what type of mattress is best for hip pain keep reading so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Like any pain, hip pain is very annoying, its sense prevents us from falling asleep and sleeping comfortably and pleasantly. To improve this quality of sleep and get to sleep with the minimum pain, we can acquire mattresses suitable for this ailment.

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What Causes Hip Pain?

That said, some of the most common causes of hip pain may be related to:

Bursistis: our joints are surrounded by structures called bursas that reduce the friction generated by movement or rotation. Bursas of the hips tend to swell causing pain.

Osteoarthritis: is the wear of the cartilages that surround the joints. In the case of the hip, this wear causes it to rub directly with the head of the femur and this causes pain.

Fractures: a fall or the execution of certain movements in a continuous manner can cause a fissure or fracture in this area of the body.

Tendinitis: is the inflammation of the tendons that connect the bones with the muscles. In the case of the hip, it is called psoa iliaca tendonitis and usually occurs in dancers, gymnasts or heavy load workers.

Arthritis: inflammation of the sciatic nerve and hernias can also cause hip pain among other pathologies. And in any of these cases a mattress expired, damaged or simply not designed to generate relief to that area of the body can worsen the situation, hence the importance of choosing the best mattress for hip pain.

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Avoid Hip Pain with The Right Mattress

To know what type of mattress is best to alleviate this ailment should be fixed in the firmness of it. A very soft or very hard mattress can be counterproductive and worsen the cause of the discomfort. The hip is one of the heaviest areas of the body, so a very soft mattress will cause that area to sink and if it is very firm the curvature of the body is affected by the stiffness of the mattress leaving the spine in the air.

In both cases it is harming not only the health, but the quality of the rest so the ideal is that it is of intermediate firmness. Getting a good night’s rest on a comfortable mattress may do wonders for the chronic hip pain that you may be facing.

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Viscoelastic Mattresses

With regard to materials, viscoelastic mattresses are the most appropriate. In the first place, they respect the natural curvature of the body, and then there is its capacity to recover its original shape without deforming. A viscoelastic mattress with a minimum of 15 centimeters thick is a good choice to combat the discomfort of hip pains. And if it is an elderly person who needs permanent rest, a geriatric mattress with viscoelastic and HR foam can give you the support and rest you need.

Another reason to use a viscoelastic mattress for hip pain is that there are medical conditions that require the person to sleep or rest in a certain position, which is why an articulated mattress is required. And viscoelastic mattresses are best suited for that type of box springs. There are of course other types of mattresses and factors to consider as well.

Get a Mattress That Doesn’t Exert Too Much Pressure

The best mattresses are those that do not exert pressure points . The pressure will sharpen the pain and we will not be comfortable in bed. We must rest on mattresses that have a great adaptability.

Other Types Of Hip Pain Mattress

The best mattresses for hip pain are foamed mattresses, latex mattresses or viscoelastic cushions larger than 2 cm. This type of mattress accommodates the body of the sleeper without exerting pressure. Spring mattresses and pocket springs usually have a high firmness, so they do not adapt as much as the previous ones to the body of the sleeper. Try to get one kind of mattress that suits your preferences.

Get A Mattress Good For Blood Flow

Another important factor that mattresses should have to cope with this ailment is that they are mattresses that allow the free circulation of blood. If the blood circulates freely through our body, the organism functions correctly and distributes the nutrients that the organs, muscles, joints …. they need. If our body does not receive enough blood, it is easier to suffer disease and damage the tissues.

Articulated Mattresses Are The Best

Another point to keep in mind is the possibility that the mattresses are articulated. If our ailment forces us to spend a lot of time in bed, mattresses and mattresses allow us to take different positions both foot and headboard to be more comfortable. In addition to the articulated mattresses, we can easily raise the legs, a position that improves blood circulation.

To conclude, an interesting fact is that in some cases it is recommended to sleep on the side with a pillow between the knees to relieve hip pain. A viscoelastic pillow is the best option because it can return to its original shape despite being used in an unconventional way. So, now that you know what type of mattress is best for hip pain, do not give it more laps and buy yours now!

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