Mattress Pad Or Topper

Often times our mattress is not good as we would want it to be, so we might consider adding some mattress accessory to upgrade it and make it perfect for our preferences. Most known accessories we consider are mattress pads and mattress toppers. Those are similar but very different things and in this article you can find out what’s the difference between the two.

What’s The Reason For Upgrading Your Mattress?

Sleeping on great, highest quality mattress is very important today. It is needed to have good rest, regain energy and avoid major problems like neck, back or hip pain. Lots of people are already sleeping on mattress that’s too hard or too soft and gives them issues I stated earlier.

Why don’t they just buy new mattress?

Well it’s not that easy. Mattresses can get really expensive today, so most people are avoiding buying new mattress. But there are cheaper solutions for that problem. Many people consider buying mattress pads and mattress toppers to change the sleeping experience. Having firm mattress pad or topper can change whole feeling and it can be great way you can provide yourself a good night sleep.

Mattress Pad

There are some differences between mattress pads and mattress toppers which we’ll outline here. While speaking about mattress pads we are talking about those thin layers of padding which we put on top of the mattress. They often come with elastic straps to connect them directly to the mattress or the bed. While attached it fits like sheets and won’t shift at all while we sleep on it. Also it can be used to cover mattress and protect it from physical damages or stains. Mattress pads are rarely made of foam and most used material are cotton or fibrous padding.

Mattress Pad Categories

There are multiple categories of mattress pads from which we might choose our perfect pad.

We can outline 4 most important categories you might be interested in:

  • Heated mattress pads
  • Cooling mattress pads
  • Fitted mattress pads
  • Anchor mattress pads

Heated mattress pads have specific features which enables them to provide extra heating so it warms the bed and the person lying on it. It is perfect consideration if you are always cold and like to sleep in a warm bed. Great for countries with extreme cold weather and low temperatures while it is not recommended for people living in warm tropical countries.

Cooling mattress pads are complete opposite of heated mattress pads. They might use fan or liquid cooling system which can provide you with extreme cool feeling while lying on bed. Cooling pads are perfect for someone who is always hot and might be looking for mattress which doesn’t heat up that easily. Although they provide great cooling effect they are often very expensive. If you choose to buy one of these, you should wait for seasonal discounts.

Fitted mattress pads are pads that have elastic band wraps on the borders that can be wrapped around the edge of the mattress. These are usually most famous of all the mattress pads and people mainly buy fitted mattress pads. Main advantage is it can increase the lifespan of your mattress so it’s a good long term investment.

Anchor mattress pads are great opportunity for those who want to have tight and secure fit on the mattress. They are equipped with four band wraps around the edges and they make sure to provide you with good night sleep without the possibility of the pad to pulling out.

Advantages of  using a mattress pad

There are numerous advantages of using mattress pads. They provide multiple benefits to your mattress, your health and your sleep. Most important benefits are outlined below:

  • Usually they are very cheap and everyone can have them
  • You can remove them any time, wash them and have a nice and clean mattress pad on which you will sleep on
  • It is very easy to transport mattress pads, move them or attach to another mattress. Great for traveling (while renting accommodation on Airbnb) when you sleep in unknown people beds.
  • They provide very comfortable feel and support to the mattress, for a low price. You get lot of value for small amounts of money.
  • Once they are attached to the mattress they are extremely stable and are very unlikely to move around. Reason behind this is they use bands which clings them tight to the mattress.
  • They are perfect way to protect your mattress from filth, stains, moisture and other types of defilement. Generally, their primary use is protection from filth.
  • Mattress pads can cut down noise that mattress is producing and can help you coping with unwanted mattress features.

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Disadvantages of using a mattress pad

We outlined lots of benefits of using a mattress pad. Even though there are lots of advantages, there are very low number of disadvantages of using mattress pad. We have outlined for you most important disadvantages of using mattress pad:

  • Mattress pads are thin and can be easily damaged.
  • Quality of mattress pad often depends on the type and you are using. If you are looking for long term solution you might consider some more expensive versions of mattress pads, but then you know you can expect high quality product.
  • Even though mattress pads are an upgrade to your mattress (they provide better feeling and more comfort), they don’t provide any support which is something lots of people might consider important thing in mattress upgrade. That’s why most people don’t feel almost any difference while using a mattress pad.

Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is slightly different thing than mattress pad. Mattress topper are thinner and smaller versions of your mattress. They have a layer of smooth cushions for extra support and better sleep. Mattress topper is laid on top of your mattress and it’s main purpose is to support your body, back, neck and hips . Also it provides different feel than lying just on mattress. Mattress toppers usually consists of foam, which provide extra support, firmness and better experience while lying in your bed. If you have a mattress on which you can’t get good sleep and you often wake up with back or neck pain, mattress topper is definitely product which you might consider as an upgrade to your mattress.

Categories Of Mattress Topper

There are two main types of mattress toppers. They can be made of memory foam or latex foam. Also we have three additional (less used) types mattress toppers made of feather, wool or different types of fibers.

Mattress topper made of memory foam provides great quality in terms of body adaptability and durability. With memory foam topper you know that you get additional support, cushier comfort and better good night sleep. Memory foam toppers are great if you have a mattress that’s too soft, or too hard because foam can provide you with extra level of comfort and great thing is that it’s relatively affordable for everyone. It should definitely be considered if you’re not satisfied with your mattress.

Mattress topper made of latex foam are great for people who like to sleep on firmer and harder beds. Latex foam provides additional level of firmness and is often bought as an upgrade to old and soft mattresses that lost their purpose. Also, it is notable to say that latex foam creates a slow bounce effect on your bed but nothing that would be considered as a bad quality to most people. In comparison to memory foam toppers, latex foam toppers are a bit pricier which means you have to pay a little bit more for extra quality.

Feather mattress toppers enjoy great popularity because of their significant softness. They are sometimes also called feather beds. They are known for their coolness and great number of people have outlined they are very good for love making. Feather toppers are made of two main parts: external part made of feathers, which provide support, and internal part which are very light and soft. While buying feather toppers you might come across percentage of feathers listed as important aspect of the product specifications. Usually higher percentage indicates that topper will be softer, while lower percentages can indicate that topper might be firmer.

Wool mattress toppers are used when you are looking for extra softness in your bed. If your main quality that you are looking for is softness, than you should definitely buy wool topper because no other topper can challenge it’s power in terms of softness. Softness isn’t only thing that wool toppers offer. They can provide you with temperature neutrality. While it’s hot outside it will keep you cooler and when it’s cold outside it will keep you warm. Wool is very breathable material and keeps away the sweat during hot times. It is extremely durable and very advisable topper to buy. It is considered to be in the higher price ranges of mattress toppers.

Fiber mattress toppers can be made wide different kind of materials. Often they are produced with polyester or alternative fibers. Main purpose of these materials is to mimic softness of other types of mattress toppers. We can consider fiber toppers as artificially created toppers and it’s quality hugely depends on the price. You should always consider higher priced fiber toppers because they have hypoallergenic characteristics and they won’t cause any symptoms and diseases for people prone to allergies. In comparison to other mattress toppers they generally cost much less but, as said earlier, you should consider buying higher priced fiber toppers because of it’s health aspects.

Advantages Of Using Mattress Topper

There are numerous advantages and benefits of using mattress topper which we’ll outline down below:

  • Mattress topper ensures that your mattress stays protected from sags and stains. Also topper can prolong your mattress lifespan.
  • Mattress topper can provide you with additional dose of comfort which you can customize according to your preferences. It ensures that you don’t need to change your whole mattress.
  • Mattress topper offers extra support to your back and neck. It protects you from possible bone or muscle issues and aches without the need of making expensive mattress changes.

Disadvantages Of Using Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are not all great. They have multiple disadvantages of using mattress topper. Here we will outline some of them:

  • In comparison to mattress pads, toppers are very difficult to wash and clean.
  • Toppers with foam almost always heat up the bed by gathering and keeping your body heat. Foam toppers are not recommended to people who like to sleep in nice and cold bed.
  • Even though they are cheap alternative to buying a new mattress, toppers can get really expensive. Price of most expensive toppers can climb up to couple hundred dollars.
  • Sometimes they can be bulky and very difficult to handle. They might not provide the flexibility you might be looking for.
  • Because of their size they are not attached to the mattress or bed. That means that they will often detach itself and move around a lot.
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Mattress pads and mattress toppers are essentially two different things, every with it’s own characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. They are made for two completely different functions.

Mattress pads primary function if to provide protection (from stains or damages) to the mattress. Using mattress pads won’t give you significant improvements in terms of feel and comfort. They are great for people on low budget who aren’t looking for extra comfort but are just trying to protect the mattress and prolong it’s lifespan. Almost always they come with band on the edges that attaches the pad directly to the mattress. That way it gets stability and you can avoid unnecessary moving around. You can always take it off, wash it, clean it, transport it and attach to any bed, so it provides you with great flexibility.

On the other hand, mattress toppers are made for people who are looking for significant improvement in terms of mattress support and feel. It is an upgrade to your mattress, it improves it’s main functions without the need of going out and buying completely new mattress. There is very large number of options when considering buying topper. They can be customized according to your own preferences in terms of comfort or medical conditions. They are made of cushions and can get pretty bulky. That’s why they provide great protection to your mattress and can prolong it’s lifespan, but they are difficult to wash, clean and transport. Also they don’t have bands so they can’t be attached to the mattress or the bed. That means that you can expect instability and lots of moving around.

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