Memory Foam Mattress vs Topper

One of the most exciting moments upon moving into a new house, room or apartment is your bed, where you always make sure that you get to have the comfort and excitement you used to have or even made to a point of exceeding your expectations. Some people would tend to buy new mattresses and new topper without knowing that they can still do something out of it either, you may only buy new mattress topper or change your mattress into a whole new level.

But do you really know what are mattresses and toppers are used for? Do you know that it has its own design and comfort? Do you know that these two bed accessories are beneficial where it can prevent back pains in the long run? If your answers to these questions are no, we are here to help you with your troubles and inquiry.

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Memory Foam Mattress vs Topper – How To Choose?

Mattress and mattress topper are different from each other where it has its respective purposes. Some might think that these two only offers the same use and comfort, and others think that it will only cost you unnecessary expenditures without benefits. These mattress and mattress topper will bring you to another level of comfort and fun.

Mattress is usually in large and in rectangular shape that can give a support for a body which is designed to be used as a bed or bed frame. It is made out of a fastened case which contains heavy clothing with cotton, straw, foam rubber and metal springs. In addition, mattresses are usually place on top of bed frame or bed cases which can either be solid or firm such as that of an upholstered wood and box spring which may be filled with natural fibers and or air.

On the other hand, mattress topper is bedding that can be removed (depending on your choice) on top your mattress where its main objective is to supplement the mattress’ comfort and or limitations; it is made to support your mattress that is either too much soft or too much firm. Before, mattress toppers are actually made out of an egg crate or a thin feather bed which makes it alluring. But because of continuous innovations mattress toppers are now made out of memory foam which can be adjusted to support your sleeping condition, position, it can help to relieve pressure in your back, and can be easily shifted from one side to another.

Of course, a mattress topper is more durable and more comfortable than its old design where it provides more support than issues and will not cause allergy to its users. Typically, mattress and mattress toppers have its respective purpose and function that can help your sleeping issued be addressed. So, in order for you to properly select the right mattress and or mattress topper you need to consider first the issue that you have with your existing mattress and mattress topper. Ideally, you can just simply buy new set of bed with mattress and mattress topper yet it would not sound practical.

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Factors To Consider For Mattress and Mattress Topper

Undeniably, you need to weight some factors before you get to decide on what mattress and or mattress topper to buy. We will be providing you some considerations for you to be guide. See below list:

For Mattress Topper, you have to consider your sleeping position and or condition, the therapeutic support it can offer, firmness of existing mattress and your body weight.

  • Sleeping position and or condition

The sleeping positions are usually side, back and stomach. Each has its respective requirement thickness of a mattress topper for you have a properly condition your sleep. First, if you are a side sleeper tendency is your shoulder will sink in the mattress to keep your spinal cord straight. If you sleep in a thin and firm mattress your shoulder can’t sink on the mattress which will eventually cause pain in the long run that is why a thicker mattress topper with 3-4 inches is highly recommended.

Second, back sleeper; your back and buttocks does not need to sink aggressively compared to side sleeper which would only need to have 2-3 inches of mattress topper. Third, stomach sleeper only has a minimal requirement for mattress topper since there is no excessive sinking to happen.

  • Therapeutic Support

As we all know, the thicker the mattress of your bed the better the support and greater pressure it can relief. Basically, it will give a satisfying and comfortable sleeping experience that would even want you to lay in bed all the time.

  • Current Mattress

The thickness of a mattress topper would normally depend on your mattress. If your mattress is too firm and you want to have a soft bed then technically you need to have a thicker mattress topper to truly satisfy your desires.

  • Body Weight

Ideally, the bigger and heavier weight a person is the thicker the mattress topper we recommend.

For Mattress you have to consider your sleeping position to properly select on the firmness of softness of your mattress.

What Should I Choose Between memory foam Mattress and Topper?

The mattress and mattress topper would normally depend on your personal need and perhaps wants. The above consideration that we have showed you will surely help you to properly select the best mattress and or mattress topper. Ideally, you will choose any of these two because it can help you to prevent back issues in the long run; the more you invest on a good investment the more it will not lead you to danger, so might as well you choose these items.

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As a popular quote goes “prevention is always better than cure”. So, might as well invest in a good item to prevent future problem. Mattress and mattress topper is specifically designed to prevent back pain problems and other issues that an ordinary bed usually has.

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