Think You’re Buying Just a Mattress? National Sleep Foundation Says Think Again!

The National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a study (Sleep and the Bedroom) to determine the importance of the sleep environment when it comes to getting enough sleep. Participants in the study reported that they felt that they functioned best after eight hours of sleep, yet the average amount of sleeping time was only 6 ½ hours. Researchers wanted to find out why.

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Respondents reported that they didn’t “have enough time” to get their eight hours of sleep. They also noted that there were distractions during their sleeping time that stood in the way of getting enough sleep. Distractions noted by respondents to the survey included their sleeping environment, their pillows, their sheets and their mattresses.

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Can you relate? I think we all can. You lay in bed, exhausted. The sheet is too rough, your pillow is too lumpy and no matter where you lay, it feels like you have this protruding coil in your side. You change sleeping positions several times to no avail. Finally, your body gives in; until it wakes you up in pain. Then the whole mess starts all over again. It’s no wonder we’re so sleep deprived!

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Other tips for increasing the comfort of your sleeping environment include finding sheets that are breathable but comfortable for you, consider dropping the temperature in your room slightly and clean your room. Yes, even a clean room can add to the comfort of your sleeping space.

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If you have trouble sleeping at night or don’t get enough sleep, know that you are not alone. Also know, however, that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to change your sleep experience, which in turn, will improve nearly every other aspect of your life.

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