What Is A Mattress Topper?

Sleep is one of the most important phenomena for a human being and a regular good sleep is a secret behind a healthy body. A good quality mattress surely helps with the sleeping experience. Now, when it comes to a mattress, different people have different interests and various preferences. However, a mattress topper can aid to sleep. But, what is a mattress topper and this is the burning question in the minds of many. Spending a huge amount of money on mattress toppers has no meaning if they don’t work. So, before we begin to judge the capability of the mattress toppers, let us have a look at what mattress toppers actually are. 

So What Is a Mattress Topper?

People often have been found to interchange terms like mattress toppers and mattress pads. However, they are entirely different and you must know it in order to find the perfect mattress for your bedroom. Firstly, each of them has different functions and varies accordingly in terms of a level of comfort, affordability, and sleep enhancers.

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The mattress pads are generally extraneous pads available in the market that provides extra protection to your mattress with a marginal level of comfort and softness. On the other hand, mattress toppers are essentially designed to provide comfort or enhance it. It is an extra layer on the top of the mattress and comes in all types of thicknesses and can be made of different materials based on the customer’s requirement. So, what do the mattress toppers do?

Functions of mattress toppers

As already mentioned, the mattress toppers sit on the top of the mattress and provide support that can prolong a mattress’s life. This is done by reducing the pressure on the springs and delaying the general wear.

A mattress topper essentially caters to the three functions which are:

  • Providing extra comfort. The major reason for many people to opt for a mattress topper is due to the fact that they are soft and contain flexible fillings that allow the person to have a good sleep. The mattress itself provides support to the lumbar.
  • Extends the life of the mattress. It is true that the mattress toppers improve the level of comfort while sleeping but it also helps in enhancing the life of the mattress. Since you will use the mattress toppers between you and the mattress, the mattress is not exposed to general wear and tear.
  • Extended support and easy to carry. The easy to carry feature of the mattress toppers help the person to carry it along with them. It is evident that people use different mattresses and it is not possible for everyone to carry their own mattresses while visiting a relative’s house or a stay-over at a friend’s. So, purchasing a mattress topper will definitely help you to carry your comfort with you.

These are the prime benefits that a mattress topper provides. So, now you knowwhat is a mattress topper and its functions. However, there are many retailers out there trying to deceive the customers by stating the medical benefits of these mattress toppers which is not the case.

Well, the mattress toppers do not have medical benefits as such but it helps you to pave a way towards healthy sleeping that eventually helps your body to reinstate medical benefits over the years. Now, there are many different kinds of mattress toppers available in the market. Based on the type of mattress topper you require, you can purchase the one.

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Types of mattress toppers

The main difference between the mattress toppers is the material of which they are made up of. Basically, there are following types of mattress toppers available in the market and it is necessary for you to know about them if you prefer to buy a mattress topper in the coming months.

  • Memory foam mattress toppers: they work in a similar fashion as the memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress topper has a thinner layer of the foam that rests on the top of the mattress which molds to your body to provide additional support.
  • Egg crate mattress topper: the material and the design justify the name of the mattress topper about which we are going to discuss. These mattress toppers are made up of bumpy nodular foam surface that replicates an egg crate.
  • Wool mattress toppers: they are made up of natural materials and are suitable for people having risks of allergies. The materials reduce the risks and eradicate the itchy mattresses. The toppers are extremely soft but on the expensive side of the budget.

If you are really interested in buying a mattress topper, we hope that you have got enough information to decide on your own. However, there are certain things that we would like to highlight in order to make your purchase more delightful and efficient.

Advantages of buying a mattress topper

The improved level of comfort and a better-protected mattress make these toppers worthy enough for a purchase. But if you are still in doubt, then the following features might help you sort it out.

Being happy with your current mattress stops many from buying the topper. Although mattresses provide exceptional support to your body, direct exposure can lead to general wear and tear of the mattress due to which the mattress will have reduced life and seek a replacement. On the other hand, using the mattress toppers will help you to increase the life of the mattress. If you suffer from back or joint pain, using a mattress topper will improve your sleeping conditions. Mattress toppers are also a great way to improve your sleeping conditions of the fold-out sofa bed. While the beds are extremely helpful in saving space, the frames can give a tough sleep. Using a mattress topper will evict this problem. 

Whether you are visiting somewhere or have guests coming, the mattress toppers are the perfect way to provide a good night’s sleep.

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